Cargill announces the launch of a soil regeneration initiative

ReSolu Program will be presented during Femec 2024, which takes place from April 1st to 5th, in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais

28.03.2024 | 14:43 (UTC -3)
Felipe Fonseca

During its participation in Femec 2024, the largest agricultural fair in Minas Gerais, which takes place from April 1 to 5, in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Cargill will launch its new soil regeneration program: ReSolu. The initiative aims to build more resilient and efficient production systems aimed at improving soil health, and will offer complete solutions to producers, with access to agricultural practices that promise to accelerate and scale regenerative agriculture in Brazil. 

ReSolu takes place on two fronts: converting degraded areas to agriculture, through agronomic management and regenerative agriculture, and adopting sustainable practices in already established agricultural areas, to improve soil health. With this in mind, Cargill bases ReSolu on four pillars:

  • Specialized technical assistance, which supports the farmer in developing a plan to convert degraded pasture into land for agriculture or adopting agronomic management that promotes improved soil and environmental health;
  • input portfolio, offering products, technologies and services that promote positive impacts from regenerative agriculture;
  • green finance, long-term financial tools that enable and encourage the adoption of new agronomic practices and expansion of agricultural activity over pasture areas;
  • carbon measurement, which monitors the positive impact of implementing regenerative agriculture practices, by measuring carbon and soil health.

Ingrid Graziano (in the photo), “leader” of Cargill Sustainability Products for South America, highlights that the program seeks to stimulate the prosperity of rural producers without neglecting the use of agriculture as a tool for generating a positive impact on the ecosystem. “Following our commitment to helping the world prosper, we launched a program that brings together benefits for the environment, such as reducing greenhouse gases, conserving water resources and increasing soil health and biodiversity”, he says.

Rural producers who participate in ReSolu will also be incentivized and compensated through cashbacks on Cargill's input portfolio. The initiative is aimed at producers in Brazil, with priority areas in MT, MS, GO and MG. Data collection begins in the 24/25 harvest, starting in September.

Lecture on sustainable development and economic valorization

During the event, the Agro+Verde project will be presented, an initiative of the Faemg Senar system, carried out through the Antônio Ernesto de Salvo Institute and Cargill. On April 4th, starting at 9 am, at the Sindicato Rural de Uberlândia (Parque de Exdições Camaru), Raphael Hamawaki – Cargill's Sustainability Project Manager – will give a talk about the area recovery project promoted by the company.

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