Feibanana 2024

15 MAY
17 MAY

Feibanana 2024

Feibanana is held annually and organized by the Associação dos Bananicultores do Vale do Ribeira (Abavar), which is a non-profit institution founded in 1996 with the aim of representing and assisting producers in Vale do Ribeira.

The event features:

• Technical lectures and debates by professionals recognized for the work they develop in

area, addressing current topics in the sector;

• Field days with presentation of product results from exhibiting companies;

• business room to offer a comfortable space for negotiations between exhibitors

and customers;

• exhibitions of regional crafts focused on banana culture;

• restaurant and food court at the event location;

• free parking for exhibitors at the event location.

Contact: feibanana@abavar.com.br

Location: Pariquera-Açu