Rice harvest reaches 36% in Rio Grande do Sul

Data was released today by Irga

01.04.2024 | 17:43 (UTC -3)
Secretariat of Agriculture
Photo: Tiago Sievert
 Photo: Tiago Sievert

The irrigated rice harvest is advancing in Rio Grande do Sul. Of the 900.203 hectares cultivated, 325.875 hectares (36,2%) have been harvested to date. 0,7% are in the vegetative stage; while 14% are in the reproductive phase; and 48% are maturing. In the last harvest, in this same period, 67% of the total area in RS had already been harvested and 0,6% was lost.

In the irrigated rice producing regions, the harvest is most advanced in the Western Border, with 51,37% of the harvested area. The most lagging behind is the Central region, with 17,99%.

The data was tabulated by the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Division, based on information from teams from the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Centers (Nates) of the Rio Grandense do Arroz Institute (Irga) together with producers in Rio Grande do Sul.

 Harvest progress by region

  • Western Border: 135.590 ha harvested (51,37%) of 263.903 ha sown
  • Outer Coastal Plain: 47.001 ha harvested (47%) of 100.003 ha sown
  • Inner Coastal Plain: 45.192 ha harvested (34%) of 132.918 ha sown
  • South Zone: 43.904 ha harvested (28,45%) of 154.318 ha sown
  • Campaign: 31.925 ha harvested (24,37%) of 130.954 ha sown
  • Central: 21.259 ha harvested (17,99%) of 118.107 ha sown
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