BASF brings technological platform in cotton seeds to TecnoShow Comigo

Launch of the year in the sector, Seletio contains resistance to three herbicides; crop protection, digital tools and soy varieties are part of the company's portfolio

01.04.2024 | 13:45 (UTC -3)
Vitorya Paulo, Cultivar Magazine edition

Boosting agriculture in the Central-West is the focus of BASF's news at TecnoShow Comigo, an event that takes place from April 8th to 12th, in Rio Verde (GO). With each harvest, management challenges intensify, mainly under the influence of climatic phenomena such as El Niño and La Niña, which should be active from the second half of the year in Brazil. Therefore, investment in technologies must be a priority at the gate, says Graciela Mognol (left in the photo), marketing director for BASF's soybean cultivation system.

“We know that the 23/24 harvest was and is being complex, and farmers may have doubts about the next cycle. But there is no productivity without new technologies, and that is why BASF invests in developing the best solutions for farmers”, says Graciela.

BASF brings to TecnoShow a new product in cotton seeds aimed at controlling weeds. Seletio is the major launch of the FiberMax cotton seed brand, an innovation developed especially to meet the needs of Brazilian cotton farmers. With the new herbicide Durance S, the biotechnology present in the seeds has triple protection against herbicides (Glyphosate, Liberty and Durance S), allowing cotton growers to manage them more practically and efficiently.

“It is our biggest launch of cotton seeds in recent years. The farmer can count on a complete platform that offers selectivity, long residual control and flexibility. This facilitates the complete management of weeds, which compete directly with cotton in the field”, comments Valeska de Laquila (center in the photo), FiberMax product manager at BASF.

For the management of diseases in corn, a crop that is also very important for the region, the company presents the Melyra fungicide aimed at controlling a series of diseases. With a broad spectrum of action, it acts against the main diseases that affect the crop.

“Melyra has the active ingredient Revysol in its formulation, which is one of the biggest innovations launched globally by BASF in recent years. The solution is farmers' new ally for managing important diseases that compromise the productive potential of modern hybrids”, explains João Marinho (right in the photo), corn cultivation system manager at BASF's agricultural solutions division.

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