Boa Safra announces construction of a Distribution Center in Campo Novo do Parecis (MT)

On site, up to 13,3 big bags can be stored in 6 m² of cold rooms, suitable for grain storage

02.04.2024 | 15:17 (UTC -3)
Jacqueline Braz
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Boa Safra (Soja3) announced the commitment to purchase and sell land in the city of Campo Novo do Parecis, in Mato Grosso, for the construction of a new Distribution Center (DC). The works started this week. Boa Safra's engineering team estimates entry into operation on August 31, 2024, allowing it to serve an area of ​​more than 2 million hectares.

The initiative is part of the Company's expansion plan announced during its IPO process in April 2021. With the new structure, Boa Safra hopes to further improve the customer journey, ensuring quality and safety in deliveries. “The DC increasingly closer to the farmer makes it possible to remove crops closer to planting, ensuring packaging in a suitable location and avoiding loss of quality”, explains Glaube Caldas, Director of Operations at Boa Safra.

Mato Grosso is currently the leading state in grain production, being responsible for the production of approximately 12 million hectares of soybeans. The region is strategic for Brazilian agribusiness and the receipt of seeds by rural producers at the right time for planting is necessary for a successful harvest.  

Storage capacity

On site, up to 13,3 big bags can be stored in 6 m² of cold rooms, suitable for grain storage. In total, there will be 9.375 m² of built area. 

The structure of the distribution center incorporates refrigerated chambers, extending the storage period in ideal conditions for the seeds, preserving their quality and vitality until the moment they are sent to farmers. This procedure helps to ensure ideal temperature and humidity conditions, maintaining seed vigor and germination, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Strategic location 

The land in Campo Novo do Parecis has 50.000 m² and is located on Rodovia MT-235, at KM 12. The choice of the city was strategic to serve Mato Grosso as a whole, positioning Boa Safra with CDs in all regions of the state . 

The new DC adds to the expansions carried out by the company and is part of a medium-long term objective of having Distribution Centers in the main regions of Brazil. Boa Safra invests in logistics to ensure fast and efficient delivery of its products to customers.

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