Yara invests R$90 million in high-tech fertilizers in Brazil

The contribution is intended for the YaraVita line, its portfolio of products for foliar application, soil, seed treatment and solid fertilizer coating

05.12.2023 | 17:06 (UTC -3)
Ana Claudia Mendes, Cultivar edition

Yara announced an investment of R$90 million in its YaraVita line of foliar products in Brazil. The investment will be used to expand research and development (R&D), increase the portfolio – with new and more modern products and patented solutions – and hire teams specialized in the segment for research and demand generation, a total of approximately 50 new jobs, which will be added to the company's technical representatives already spread across the country. 

The launch of YaraVita was informed by Cultivar Magazine on 29.11.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX: "Yara announces commercial launch of the YaraAmplix brand in Brazil".

According to the president of Yara Brasil, Marcelo Altieri (in the photo), the investment further reinforces the company's focus on the high-tech fertilizer portfolio. “We are developing research to launch new nutritional solutions by 2025, which will complement our portfolio and support Brazilian farmers to produce more with less environmental impact, in line with the premises of regenerative agriculture”, he says.

YaraVita Line

YaraVita is a line of liquid fertilizers with macro and micronutrients for foliar application, soil, seed treatment and solid fertilizer coating. It is recommended as a complement to solid fertilizer, indicated to increase the quality and efficiency of crops such as coffee, sugar cane, corn, soybeans and wheat. 

This year, a new product, YaraVita NRhizo, was added to the portfolio focusing on the treatment of legume seeds. It combines macro and micronutrients with substances with an organic matrix, promoting an increase in biological nitrogen fixation by the plant, which, when well nourished, improves its response to stressful abiotic conditions, such as drought and extreme heat.

Special fertilizers 

According to Abisolo, the high-tech special fertilizers market maintained its growth trajectory in 2022, with revenue 33,2%, higher than that obtained in 2021. “We can say that, throughout 2023, Yara advanced in its strategy of business in offering nutritional solutions with greater added value and a portfolio review with a focus on offering high-tech nutritional solutions, and we will continue with this increasingly attentive look at sustainable practices and reducing the carbon footprint in agricultural production”, he states Altieri.

In addition to the new commercial strategy, the company has several initiatives aimed at promoting an energy transition in its operations and collaborating in the decarbonization of the agri-food and industrial chains, such as the adoption of biomethane in the production of ammonia, partnerships with agricultural cooperatives for the commercialization of green fertilizer and agreements with the food industry.

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