BASF web series reveals the challenges of family succession in the countryside

Fictional content addresses family dilemmas and agribusiness challenges

12.11.2019 | 20:59 (UTC -3)
Vanessa Oliveira

You know that moment in life when you need to take action that could change the course of your story? This is the situation experienced by Mariana. Daughter of farmers, she faces the dilemma experienced by many young people: is it time to take over the business and perpetuate the Boaventura family legacy?

The web series O Legado is told in film, divided into three episodes. The videos are part of the content platform created by BASF to talk about the importance of the legacy of agriculture in the country.

The company continues its brand positioning: “BASF in Agriculture. Together for your Legacy.” The first action was the release of the song Legado. From then on, the company changed the way it communicated with the market. From the communication carried out at events and fairs, to internal communication, everything carries the message of the legacy of agriculture.

“The purpose of longevity of crops and businesses is present in all our actions, because farmers are the focus of our work. Now, the web series brings more life to the music, reaffirming our commitment to Brazilian farmers. We decided to tell a story inspired by real stories. We identify with the characters and scenarios of the narrative", says the Marketing Director of BASF's Agricultural Solutions Division, Eduardo Novaes.

In addition to the film with the story of the Boaventura family, other communication and marketing actions will be carried out in the coming months. Farmers will be able to share stories of their successful legacy, access special content on the topic and interact with the main character of the video. The proposal is to convey BASF's message as a long-term partner company for Brazilian farmers.

The first episode will be released on December 03rd. In total, there are three chapters of the story released weekly. 

Watch the trailer for the web series on BASF Agro Brasil channel on Youtube 

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