Vittia opens office in Ribeirão Preto

Located in Dabi Business Park, the new administrative space reinforces the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation

04.03.2024 | 13:55 (UTC -3)
Marcela Barbin

Vittia opens its new office in Ribeirão Preto this March. Located in the Dabi Business Park (DBP), the new administrative space is a reflection of the company's growth strategy for the coming years, with continuous investment in technology, innovation and sustainability.

DBP's choice for the new address took several factors into consideration, including the hub concept, which enables an ecosystem of innovation and connections between companies from different sectors, as well as easy access to the airport and the state's main highways. With 521 square meters and an intelligent and sustainable work environment, the place has care that ranges from LED lighting to waste management, in addition to encouraging conscious consumption, reflecting the company's values ​​such as innovation, collaboration, automation and practical ESG.

“Vittia is experiencing cultural evolution and the new office reflects this transformation. Modern and cozy, the architecture of the new space was developed based on a culture of care, inspiring collaboration and renewal, in one of the most modern business centers in the country. The logistics infrastructure provides greater ease in face-to-face meetings with commercial partners and access to our headquarters in São Joaquim da Barra, where three industrial units are located, including the largest biological factory in Latin America”, highlights Maíra Sírio, Manager of Vittia Marketing.

Expanding the administrative area with the new space is also an opportunity to attract talent, adding experience and knowledge to the teams, strengthening relationships within and outside the walls. Always looking for long-term sustainable growth as a reference, in a market that presents significant and promising growth potential.

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