Orange VBP in Goiás should break record

The federal government estimates a 28,6% growth in the gross value of fruit production in 2023

20.07.2023 | 14:33 (UTC -3)
Seapa Sector Communication
Image: Wenderson Araújo/CNA
Image: Wenderson Araújo/CNA

Goiás should show growth in the Gross Production Value (VBP) of fruits this year. This is what data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) released this week indicates. According to the numbers, the projected VBP for orange is R$ 203,6 million - growth of 28,6% compared to the previous harvest. If it reaches the estimated value, the state will have a record for culture. The second biggest growth should be that of bananas, with a projection of R$401,4 million - an increase of 15,1% compared to last year.

"Bananas and oranges are crops with structured and technological chains and these VBP results show the profitable potential of fruit cultivation", comments the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Pedro Leonardo Rezende. "These data also show us that fruit cultivation has a large market to be explored and that investments for structuring a fruit growing hub in the northeast of Goiás, for example, meet the expected development for families in the region, especially of family farming."

Other fruits should also see growth in this year's VBP, such as grapes, whose projection is estimated at R$8,3 million (4,1% more than in 2022). In total, fruit growing in Goiás should total R$66,5 billion this year. Calculated by the federal government, the index shows the evolution of crop and livestock performance throughout the year and corresponds to gross revenue within the establishment. It is designed based on crop production and prices received by producers in the country's main markets.

other productions

The data released by Mapa also includes projections for other products from the state's crops. The main commodities, soybeans and corn, are expected to reach VBP of R$32,9 billion and R$11,7 billion, respectively. Sugarcane, also considered an item of great importance for Goiás production, has an estimated VBP of R$11,7 billion. In relation to livestock farming, the projection is for a VBP of R$ 27,6 billion.

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