Compact tractors are Agritech's highlights for the grape harvest

The mechanization of grapevines has been one of the producers' solutions to optimize time in the fields

24.10.2023 | 16:31 (UTC -3)
Mariele Previdi, Cultivar edition

With the opening of the season for the so-called “table grapes”, which are those found in their freshest state and already available on the shelves, Agritech publishes its portfolio of machines that promise to optimize time in the fields with compact and narrow tractors for vines. Among them are the 1160 Turbo and the AGT 25, the brand's new model. 

“For a long time, Agritech has offered family producers and small and medium-sized producers machines designed for this crop. They are smaller and narrower tractors, which allow the operator to enter between the rows of vineyards and easily maneuver in the cultivation areas”, explains the company's Sales/Marketing Coordinator, Cesar Roberto Guimarães de Oliveira (in the picture).

Compact and narrow tractors

The 1160 Turbo from Agritech is a compact model that promises greater agility when walking through the vines. Its synchronized reverser, according to the manufacturer, reduces maneuvering time by having a greater reverse speed option. It is equipped with a series of factory accessories, such as a 24-speed synchronized gearbox with reverser, speed reducer, economical power take-off, proportional power take-off and dual control. Agritech also has the 1145 model for grapevines.

AGT 25: new Agritech tractor

To facilitate the daily lives of 'little ones' in various application situations for diverse crops, including grapes, Agritech announces its newest product: the AGT 25. With a 3-cylinder naturally aspirated Mitsubishi engine with 24CV, with 9 gears front and 3 reverse and 4x4 traction, the new Agritech tractor serves all operations on a small property or in crops that require narrow and small tractors, as is the case in greenhouse operations.

“This new tractor from our brand is practical, small and powerful. It arrives on the market to facilitate the daily work of small farmers, who have specific demands”, concludes Oliveira.

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