Steyr Hybrid CVT tractor will be presented at Agritechnica 2023

Machine should go into production soon; This is the third generation development of "Konzept" and "Hybrid Drivetrain Konzept"

08.09.2023 | 09:35 (UTC -3)
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Close-up view of the Steyr Hybrid CVT during field testing
Close-up view of the Steyr Hybrid CVT during field testing

Na Agritechnica 2023, Steyr Traktoren will present the Hybrid CVT, a model that is “fully operational and almost ready for production”, according to the company. Based on the Steyr 6175 Impuls CVT platform, the Hybrid CVT incorporates features previously shown on the "Konzept" tractor and the "Konzept Hybrid Drivetrain".

One of the main features of the Hybrid CVT is that, although it is based on the 6175 hp (nominal) Steyr 180 Impuls CVT platform, it was possible to provide it with the power of the largest model in the range above, which produces 260 hp (max), as reported the company.

This combination of greater power in a lighter package is possible mainly due to the combination of the hydromechanical CVT transmission on the rear axle and the hybrid module on the front axle, both of which can be combined with an intelligent 4x4 clutch.

The front axle features newly developed independent suspension for greater operator comfort. The E-CVT function means the tractor is powered purely hybrid and electrically up to 75 kW at a low 1.100 rpm, improving comfort with non-constant PTO loads, such as working with large square balers, and maintaining travel speed through electrical drive, "without the need for mechanical connection to the engine". E-Shuttling results in "41% faster maneuvering at low engine speeds and a 15% reduction in fuel consumption."

The electric drive brings other benefits. E-Steering accelerates the front axle during field speed turns to reduce the turning radius by 15% for 20% faster maneuvers. E-Boost provides additional electrical power when needed, such as after slowing down at an intersection, after which full travel speed can be reached again 25% faster than with a conventional transmission. This is possible with supercapacitor technology, which allows the electrical energy generated by the tractor -- for example, when going downhill -- to be stored and used when necessary (such as the impulse needed in that situation).

With E-Torque Vectoring, torque is directed to the front or rear wheels as needed, creating a variable, on-demand 4x4 system. During field work, the front wheels are electrically driven at the same speed as the rear wheels for optimal traction, reducing fuel consumption, tire wear and damage to soil or crops due to sliding. This also means that the 4x4 can be used on the road without wear or damage to the tires or discomfort to the driver. E-Braking keeps the tractor's speed constant on descents and uses the electric transmission as a retarder to minimize brake wear and increase driving safety.

E-Torque Filling reduces speed variation caused by hard/soft soil patches by 6% on average when working with ground penetrating implements. The result is a consistently faster travel speed.

Steyr reports that E-Eco Mode is designed to allow the tractor to operate during light work and transport at the highest possible level of efficiency, given the combination of electric power and CVT, with the potential to reduce fuel consumption. by 5-10%. The Steyr Hybrid CVT can also power compatible implements electrically through E-Implement technology, providing up to 75 kW at 700 V through a standard AEF port, to drive their functions and, when necessary, their wheels.

“In just four years since we launched the STEYR Konzept tractor, soon to be followed by the Hybrid Drivetrain Konzept, we have brought key design concepts to the point of production,” says Christian Huber, General Director of CNH Austria and Vice President Global Tractor Product Management .

Steyr Hybrid CVT in the field
Steyr Hybrid CVT in the field
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