Sumitomo Chemical has new director of information technology

Andrea Tagliari is yet another woman to take on a management role at the company

20.07.2023 | 15:33 (UTC -3)
Elton Telles

Another management position at Sumitomo Chemical is held by a woman. Sumitomo Chemical's information technology (IT) area is now led by Andrea Tagliari (in the photo), who assumes the role of IT executive director to continuously improve the company's performance. In addition to her, the company has women in other management positions, such as HR, finance and legal.

With a degree in Information Technology from Universidade Gama Filho, with an MBA in IT from the State University of Ceará, Tagliari highlights that the area contributes to increasing the company's efficiency, increasing its competitiveness in the market and strengthening its capacity for innovation. The professional also boasts an MBA in Business Management from Devry University and a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School.

“To ensure information security and allow efficient data storage, IT becomes an indispensable strategic ally. It takes an active role in the search for solutions and technologies that boost competitiveness and business results,” he says.

The current head says that there are many career challenges, but she believes that, to overcome them, “it is crucial to invest in education and continuous development, seek guidance and mentoring, stay up to date with market trends, establish clear goals, cultivate a resilient and flexible mindset and be open to new opportunities and challenges.”

For those just starting out in their careers, the executive director states that it is essential to cultivate curiosity and constantly seek to learn. “Staying up to date with trends in the field, developing relevant skills and being willing to step out of your comfort zone are actions that will prepare young professionals to face the challenges of the job market and take advantage of opportunities for growth and development in their careers. ”.

Regarding being a woman in a mostly male environment, despite the challenges, Tagliari says that it also offers many opportunities for growth and fulfillment. “Success in this context goes beyond overcoming gender obstacles and requires the continuous development of skills, competencies and a resilient mindset. Believing in yourself, expressing ideas with confidence and assertiveness, in addition to valuing your own skills, are fundamental elements for being recognized and valued in the work environment.”

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