Sumitomo Chemical solutions are presented at the 53rd Brazilian Phytopathology Congress

Event takes place between August 7th and 10th, in Brasília (DF); company publicizes the innovations of the Indiflin family, such as the fungicide Excalia Max

08.08.2023 | 15:24 (UTC -3)
Luis Fernando Duarte

Investment in combating plant diseases was one of the reasons that made Brazil one of the largest grain producers in the world. And this work can be demonstrated at the Sumitomo Chemical stand during the 53rd Brazilian Congress of Phytopathology, which takes place between the 7th and 10th of August, in Brasília (DF).

Visitors will be able to see new molecules developed by the company, as well as innovations from the Indiflin family, the active ingredient in the fungicide Excalia Max. Sumitomo Chemical's solution controls the four most important soybean diseases: Asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi), the target spot (Corynespora cassiicola), leaf blight (Cercospora kikuchii) and brown spot (Septoria glycones).

The fungicide demonstrated an increase of around two bags of soybeans per hectare in the 22/23 harvest. There were more than 3.000 demonstration fields with the solution in several producing regions in Brazil. With an unprecedented composition on the market, Excalia Max has a broad spectrum of control to protect the productive potential of soybeans, being a systemic product par excellence. In addition to Indiflin, which is part of the carboxamide group, the fungicide has as its active ingredient Tebuconazole, belonging to the triazole group.

“Research institutions attest that this combination has helped Brazilian soybean growers to obtain high levels of protection for their productive potential, as seen by the results of Embrapa Technical Circular 195, which presents summarized results of cooperative trials for the control of soybean rust in the harvest. 2022/23”, explains Rafael Pereira, manager of Fungicide Assets and leader of Soybean Cultivation at Sumitomo Chemical. “Its high level in disease control in soybeans is only possible through the exclusive combination of Indiflin and Tebuconazole”, he reinforces.

The Research and Development (R&D) Brazil manager, Diogo Togni, highlights that the company will have a large team during the Brazilian Phytopathology Congress. “Sumitomo Chemical will have a stand at the event to welcome guests and showcase the technologies generated for Brazilian agriculture.” In addition to the R&D manager, Guilherme Augusti, a Fungicides researcher at Sumitomo Chemical's Latin American Research and Development Center, located in Mogi Mirim (SP), will be present at the plenary session. They will present the company, innovations in the area of ​​fungicides and discuss the challenges in controlling soybean diseases. The Marketing, Market Development and Research and Development teams will also be at the stand.

The 53rd Brazilian Phytopathology Congress is the most traditional plant disease event in Brazil. Promoted by the Brazilian Society of Phytopathology (SBF), it brings together professionals from different areas - such as teaching, research and extension in the public and private sectors, students and professionals from different segments of the production chains - to discuss the current situation and scientific advances related to diseases of plants and their control.

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