Sipcam Nichino officially launches Fiera insecticide

According to the company, the new solution began to be studied in 2015, was the subject of almost 80 works and received support from 24 research institutions

04.03.2024 | 16:39 (UTC -3)
Fernanda Campos, Cultivar Magazine edition
Sérgio Camargo, Carulina Oliveira, Marcelo Palazim, Fabiana Cunha, Eric Ono, Regiane Oliveira (researcher), José de Freitas
Sérgio Camargo, Carulina Oliveira, Marcelo Palazim, Fabiana Cunha, Eric Ono, Regiane Oliveira (researcher), José de Freitas

Online event officialized the start of commercialization of the Fiera brand insecticide in Brazil. Developed by Sipcam Nichino, the new solution proposes a new approach to controlling the corn leafhopper (Daubulus maidis), the main cereal pest and most challenging to production crop after crop. Around 1,3 guests from the agrochemical sector participated in the broadcast, in addition to the company's leadership in the country and seven expert speakers.

According to Sipcam Nichino, Fiera began to be studied in 2015, after the first records of the pest in the corn agricultural frontier. Since then, almost 80 works have been carried out in the field, with the participation of 24 consultancies and research institutes, until the registration of the insecticide in corn was granted at the beginning of this year.

In one of the lectures at the technical meeting, researcher Regiane Oliveira, post-doctorate in entomology at Unesp in Botucatu, highlighted what Sipcam Nichino disseminates as an exclusive characteristic of Fiera: the effective control of the 'nymph' phase of the leafhopper. According to Regiane, the new product also acts on eggs, fecundity and fertility of female pests.

According to experts involved in developing the solution, managing the nymph, until recently, was not a priority in treatments against the corn leafhopper, which aimed at the adult stage of the insect, without focusing, therefore, on breaking the pest cycle. .

“What we bring to the market today is a new technical perspective, we are thinking about controlling all the young stages of the pest, the importance of nymphs in the process of spreading the disease”, summarized Sergio Camargo, agronomist and consultant at Sipcam Nichino.

In addition to Camargo and Regiane, the company's research manager, Eric Ono, consultant Paulo Garollo, member of Crop Life Brasil and agronomists José de Freitas and Carulina Oliveira, from the market development and marketing areas of Sipcam Nichino, also spoke. respectively.

High control rates

According to Sipcam Nichino at the time, the new Fiera is described as physiological, selective and insect regulatory. The company added that tests carried out brought robust indicators of Daubulus maidis nymph control, in the range of 95% to 100%. The new insecticide also resulted in reductions of 66% in the 'laying' of pest eggs, 92% in their hatching and 79% in reproductive viability. For Sipcam Nichino, “the solution reduces populations of new generations by breaking the plague cycle”.

Also according to the company, the new insecticide has contact, vapor action and “quickly affects all stages of the insect life cycle. Daubulus maidis”. Fiera, according to Sipcam Nichino, has Buprofezin (Buprofezin, C16H23N3OS, CAS 69327-76-0, IRAC 16) as its active ingredient.

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