Show Rural 2024: launch takes place in an unprecedented way in November

On November 26th, a race aimed at people aged between 16 and 70 will take place in the park that, since 1989, has hosted the event

25.09.2023 | 15:35 (UTC -3)
Jean Paterno, Cultivar edition
Photo: publicity/Rural Show
Photo: publicity/Rural Show

The official launch of the 2024 Rural Coopavel Show, in its 36th edition, promises an innovative approach. On November 26th, a race aimed at people aged between 16 and 70 will take place in the park that has hosted the event since 1989. Other activities will be offered on the same day aimed at the whole family, such as an area with inflatable toys for children and a food court with varied options.

The president of Coopavel, Dilvo Grolli, highlights the relationship between the race and the Rural Show, highlighting the fundamental importance that both attribute to the topics of food and health. The race will have two categories, with route options of five and ten kilometers, in addition to walking. The start is scheduled for 7:30 am. Each participant who completes the route will receive a medal. The winners of each category will be awarded trophies.

The organizers inform that there will be two dates for training to recognize the route: on October 28th and November 11th. In addition to the support of qualified personnel for this type of event, there will be, at all stages, the participation of teams of rescuers. “The Coopavel Rural Show is synonymous with innovation and, once again, we are doing so, demonstrating the dynamics of change and the constant insertion of new features for rural producers to produce more, better and always connected to sustainability”, highlights the general coordinator, agronomist Rogério Rizzardi. The opening of registrations for the race on November 26th will be announced in the coming days. Some details of the test and organization are in alignment and definitions.

 Race details were defined last weekend; photo: publicity
 Race details were defined last weekend; photo: publicity

The event

The Coopavel Rural Show is one of the largest technical events in global agribusiness. Scheduled for February 5th to 9th, 2024, it represents an important pillar for both agribusiness and the economy of the West and Paraná. By providing a stage for the dissemination of the latest innovations and sustainable practices in agriculture and livestock, the Coopavel Rural Show plays an essential role in promoting health through nutrition.

The most recent edition, from February 6 to 10, 2023, registered the participation of more than 384 thousand visitors, with 600 exhibitors and a sales volume of more than R$5 billion.

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