Rogator 934H stands out in Fendt's strategy

The sprayer can be used on different crops and lands throughout the harvest, explains a company spokesperson

23.06.2023 | 13:19 (UTC -3)
Ericson Marcelo Leme da Cunha, Cultivar edition

Expanding its activities throughout Brazil, Fendt continues to promote the Fendt Rogator 934H sprayer. The model can be used in various applications, pre-planting and post-emergence, throughout the harvest in low and high crops and different types of terrain. Video explanation can be view here.

“As Brazil is a tropical country, the sprayer often ends up entering the crops to control the incidence of diseases, insects or invasive plants. Therefore, we brought equipment that combines comfort, performance, economy, high technology and practicality. The Fendt Rogator 934H is a product that aims to raise the quality of handling to a new level of excellence”, he says Rafael Peruchi (in the photo), product marketing coordinator for Fendt and Valtra spraying.

With a capacity of 3.500 liters and a variable free space of 1,52 and 1,93 meters, the self-propelled vehicle has technologies that guarantee greater savings in time and money, thus providing greater profitability for rural producers.

According to the company, one of the solutions that guarantee efficiency in the operation is the LiquidLogic Package, which includes a product recirculation system in the bar, a proportional product agitation system, which maintains the homogeneity of the syrup and an exclusive cleaning system for the entire the spray circuit. This reduces the potential for application with poorly prepared grout, product waste and excessive maintenance costs due to clogging and sedimentation.

Sprays are more precise with the application control system via PWM, as the application rate is adjusted individually. With this uniformity, the machine maintains the droplet volume regardless of the operating speed and also compensates the rate during curves. Overdosing or underdosing is avoided, guaranteeing crop protection against pests and diseases, with a lower risk of resistance emerging.

The cab was designed to provide an unobstructed view, explains Peruchi. The seats have lumbar support to keep the driver comfortable throughout the workday. From inside, the operator can monitor all work data in real time. This information can also be evaluated remotely, using the Fendt Connect telemetry system. Using this tool, operations can be planned more assertively for both the current harvest and future growing seasons.

The machine also has four-wheel steering to facilitate maneuvers and reduce the crossing of plant lines, thus reducing crushing during maneuvers and increasing agility, as the machine has a better turning radius. For greater stability and control in the field or during transport, the free space can be automatically adjusted, depending on the operation or crop height, in just 45 seconds. The 40 meter bar is made of aluminum, which guarantees excellent stability and operational performance. With the 40m bar there is a significant reduction in crushing, guaranteeing greater productivity and profitability for the farmer.

“Because it can be used in practically any type of treatment application, the equipment helps customers optimize their investment and have greater control over when and how inputs are applied,” says Peruchi.

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