Producers from the West build a bridge over the Rio Grande, in São Desidério

The new bridge will replace an old wooden bridge that had deteriorated due to weathering.

26.01.2024 | 14:35 (UTC -3)
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

The construction and maintenance of bridges are some of the constant investments made by rural producers in the western region of Bahia. In September 2023, another important work was started, this time on the Rio Grande in the village of Batalha, in São Desidério. The initiative has investments from the Agricultural Development Program (Prodeagro), via the Association of Farmers and Irrigators of Bahia (Aiba) and with the support of the Mechanized Patrol Program, the Bahia Association of Cotton Producers (Abapa) and also the City Hall of Saint Desiderius.

The new bridge will replace an old wooden bridge, which had deteriorated due to the effects of time. Now a modern and safe structure is being built on a mixed base that uses concrete and metal, 10 meters wide, with 25 meters of free span that will allow cargo traffic exceeding 200 tons. “The traffic of trucks that travel on this road and need to cross the Rio Grande at this point, whether bringing inputs to the farms or transporting the region’s harvest, has increased and this work meets the desires of rural producers, the local population and all people who need to use the access road”, highlighted the manager of the Abapa Mechanized Patrol, Daniela Dias.

With an investment of more than R$3,5 million, coming from the Agricultural Development Program (Prodeagro), the work is directly managed by Aiba. “Since the release of the resource was approved, we have monitored all stages such as bidding, hiring the responsible company and progress of services. This is a project that will promote integration and greater peace of mind for rural people and the population in general”, highlights the president of Aiba, Odacil Ranzi. 

In three months of work, the concreting of the new bridge deck was completed and the two wings are being finished. The assembly of the forms of reinforced concrete safety barriers also began, an important item whose main characteristic is shock resistance, due to its great capacity to retain heavy vehicles. Last Thursday (18), the landfill phase began and the services are expected to be completed in March. A project that will directly benefit the population of São Desidério and the surrounding area, making it possible to come and go, transport cargo and transport crops. 

“I discovered this region 30 years ago and today I see how much its agricultural potential has grown with the exponential increase in production. And of course, with development also comes the need for improvements. So it is very gratifying to have producers, through Abapa and Aiba, in this partnership with the City of São Desidério promoting benefits, including improved access to roads. An investment that contributes greatly to the logistics of the flow of production in our region”, said the Secretary of Infrastructure of São Desidério, José Rodrigues.

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