Ports in Paraná record a 4% increase in general movement from January to July

The increase is mainly linked to the performance of the Eastern Export Corridor of the Port of Paranaguá

16.08.2023 | 16:30 (UTC -3)
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Movement at the ports of Paranaguá and Antonina reached 36.060.696 tons from January to July 2023. As a result, the public company Portos do Paraná recorded an increase in port operations of 4% compared to the same period of the previous year, when 34.576.652 tons were moved.

The increase is mainly linked to the performance of the Eastern Export Corridor of the Port of Paranaguá, which handled 12.975.534 tons of vegetable bulk from January to July. The volume accumulated in seven months is the largest ever recorded by the complex and constitutes a new historical record. The previous mark was from 2020, with 12.924.748 tons shipped in the first seven months of the year.

Among the main products moved from January to July are solid bulk for export, with an increase of 16% in the year to date. In the seven months of 2023, the segment shipped 17.192.572 tons, while in the same previous period there were 14.734.867 tons.

Only soybeans amounted to 8.478.722 tons (+15%). Soybean meal totaled 3.787.035 tons (+9%), corn, 2.585.082 tons (+21%), and bulk sugar, 2.238.920 tons (+28%).

“The numbers demonstrate a considerable increase in exports of all products in this segment at the Port of Paranaguá from January to July. This increase allowed historical marks to be surpassed”, highlights the director of Port Operations at Portos do Paraná, Gabriel Vieira.

The ports of Paraná registered 1.468 dockings from January to July. The number is 5% higher than the 1.400 maneuvers carried out in the same period of the previous year. The movement of trucks in the Sorting Yard reached 291.442 in the period, a number 14% higher than the 255.909 vehicles that went through grain classification in the first seven months of 2022.


Another notable segment in the movement in Paraná ports in the year to date is liquid bulk. With 5.534.343 tons, the increase reached 21% compared to the 4.576.695 tons recorded in 2022.

In terms of exports, there were 1.766.582 tons (+32%), with emphasis on petroleum derivatives with an increase of 117% (653.610 tons) and vegetable oils, which increased by 7% (989.171 tons). In terms of imports, movement reached 3.767.761 tons (+16%). The main products unloaded were methanol, up 34% (780.087 tonnes) and vegetable oils (168.815 tonnes), which rose 44%. Petroleum derivatives registered an increase of 15% (2.628.695 tons).


From January to July, vehicle movement increased 21% at the Port of Paranaguá. In total, 51.034 units were shipped and unloaded in the period, compared to 42.130 units in the seven months of 2022. Exports totaled 34.855 vehicles (+12%), while imports, 11.033 (+47%).


The good numbers were recorded despite unfavorable weather conditions in July. The metric is widely used in the sector because it makes some solid bulk loading and unloading operations unfeasible. In the last month, out of 31 days, the period of stoppage caused by rain reached 8,4 days. In the same period in 2022, port operations were paralyzed for 4,3 days.

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