New Razera store in Rio Grande do Sul is part of Fendt's expansion in Brazil

The initiative, together with the launch of new products, is part of the second phase of Fendt's expansion strategy in the country

26.02.2024 | 17:00 (UTC -3)
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Last Friday (23), Fendt launched the 700 Vario Series of tractors, made up of the Fendt 726 Vario and Fendt 728 Vario models, covering a power range from 262 to 303 hp. The launch event took place at the new headquarters of the Razera dealership, in Passo Fundo, the first Fendt store in Rio Grande do Sul.

This initiative is part of the second phase of Fendt's expansion strategy in Brazil. After its introduction in the country in 2019, with the first store in Sidrolândia (MS) and the subsequent opening of units in the main producing regions of the Brazilian Cerrado, the company is now expanding its presence in the Southern markets. This expansion aims to serve medium producers that demand high-tech machines. Currently, Fendt has 31 stores in Brazil and one in Paraguay and expansion in the South of Brazil will continue at an accelerated pace in 2024.

Rafael Costa, commercial director at Fendt, highlights that the new product line was developed to serve medium-sized producers in the southern region, who seek excellence in productivity and operational efficiency. “In this second phase of expansion, we seek to offer farmers the same level of technology and performance that large producers around the world already have access to,” he explains.

About Razera

Razera's new headquarters was built on a 40 square meter plot of land, with more than XNUMX meters of store space, which will serve the Valtra and Fendt dealerships in the Passo Fundo region. In total, Razera has nine stores in Rio Grande do Sul and two in Santa Catarina. “We fulfilled an old dream by building this large store, with adequate space to receive customers, carry out the necessary services to serve producers in the region and offer, in addition to very high technology equipment, a service with the same quality standard”, explains the president by Razera, Iomar Razera.

Fendt 700 Vario

The new 700 Vario tractor series features the Fendt 726 Vario (263hp) and Fendt 728 Vario (283hp) models. Now in its seventh generation, the 700 series is equipped with Vario transmission, technology that provides the best rotations and speeds for handling, with a minimum slip rate and high fuel economy. Furthermore, they have the Fendt Dynamic Performance concept, which provides an additional 20 horsepower depending on the need for each job performed.

The new series will be sold together with the Momentum seeder with 18 to 24 rows, forming what the company calls the “Supplant Combo”. The seeder can plant in flat areas and on uneven terrain or contour lines, ensuring seed deposits are always at the same depth.

Discover the Fendt 700 Vario Series recently launched by Fendt.

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