Minister defends the use of technology to expand the agricultural market

Tereza Cristina participated in the opening of Agrobit 2019, an agro technology event in Londrina (PR)

12.11.2019 | 20:59 (UTC -3)

Minister Tereza Cristina (Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) participated this Tuesday (12), in Londrina (PR), at the opening of Agrobit Brasil 2019. In its second edition, the event presents producers with the main technologies available on the market.

At the event, the minister signed the launch protocol for the Agro Innovation Hub, a partnership between Mapa and Sociedade Rural do Paraná. The idea is to promote and strengthen the existing innovation system, considering the vocations and capabilities of the Londrina region, to generate products, services and enterprises, sharing knowledge and technology.

“We have an obligation today to feed the world. And Brazil is extremely important in this chain. We increasingly have to embark on technology in agribusiness, we increasingly have to take responsibility for the food security of our country and the more than 160 countries that Brazil exports”, said the minister at the opening of Agrobit 2019, which should bring together more than 2 thousand producers and other members of the agricultural production chain until Wednesday (13).

Mapa's Secretary of Innovation, Rural Development and Irrigation, Fernando Camargo, highlighted that he received the mission to promote Brazil as an exporter of agro technology, not just commodities. He said that the Ministry is also working to ensure that the entire production chain has access to agriculture 4.0, characterized by the transfer of guidance and knowledge through instant communication. “We cannot leave the little ones behind. Bring this technology to everyone more and more. It cannot be linked only to large and medium producers”.

The representative of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, Paulo Alvim, highlighted that the application of science and technology in agribusiness “is a government effort that aims to produce greater added value but, mainly, a strong contribution improving the quality of life in our society”.

Soy Coalition 4.0

The minister visited the site at the event reserved for the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), where she learned about how crops are monitored by drones and took a measurement.

Tereza Cristina also signed a term of commitment to start the Soya Coalition 4.0 project, developed by Embrapa Soja, a unit located in Londrina, which offers technologies and technical guidance for innovation in soybean cultivation. From 2020 onwards, the company will put the project into effect with the aim of leveraging innovative solutions for the production of tropical soybeans.

The program will directly involve cooperatives, Ematers, producer associations, private technology companies, universities, Sebrae, Senai, leaders and startups in identifying mission-oriented challenges to reach new technological heights. 

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