Gowan takes another step to commercialize product with fluindopyr

Molecule developed together with FMC will also be an active ingredient in UPL products

16.08.2023 | 15:23 (UTC -3)
Cultivate, with Gowan information

The Ministry of Agriculture published the approval of the registration of the Isagro technical guiandapyr, from Gowan. The product is equivalent to the FMC technical hidrandapyr, a reference since the purchase of the molecule in mid-October 2020. The companies developed the product together.

Technical product is one intended to obtain formulated products, as defined by federal decree. This is a stage prior to the registration and commercialization of pesticides on the Brazilian market.

Gowan informs that, due to a contract between the two legal entities, it maintained the right to develop mixtures with other molecules within a group of specific crops.

The first product to be marketed, as soon as authorized, must be Zaltus.

The company also announces that there will be products with other mixtures containing Fluindapyr, sold by UPL.

Therefore, fluindapyr will reach the producer through three different suppliers (FMC, Gowan and UPL). However, each one will offer its own mixtures and commercial brands.

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