Fendt launches 700 Vario series for the Brazilian market

The new Fendt 700 Vario tractors will be part of the “Supplant” combo, with Momentum folding seeder versions from 18 to 24 rows

23.02.2024 | 17:37 (UTC -3)
Cultivar Magazine, with Fendt information

Fendt launched the new 700 Vario tractor series for the Brazilian market today, with the Fendt 726 Vario (263hp) and Fendt 728 Vario (283hp) models. Now in its seventh generation, the 700 series is equipped with Vario transmission, technology that provides the best rotations and speeds for handling, with a minimum slip rate and high fuel economy. Furthermore, they have the Fendt Dynamic Performance concept, which provides an additional 20 horsepower depending on the need for each job performed. 

“These tractors are equipped with an AGCO Power engine and are capable of adapting to the most diverse situations. In sowing, for example, they can work in different soil conditions, topography or region profile, thus covering a wide variety of rural producers who have in common the search for excellence in quality, sustainability and profitability”, comments Fabio Dotto, director of Fendt and Valtra Product Marketing.

And precisely because of its adaptability characteristics to different topography and working conditions, the series will be sold together with the Momentum seeder with 18 to 24 rows, forming what the company calls the “Supplant Combo”. The seeder can plant in flat areas and on uneven terrain or contour lines, ensuring seed deposits are always at the same depth. To make this possible, the Fendt Smart Frame comes into action, which reads the points of contact with the ground, and Delta Force, which applies the correct pressure to each of the lines. When folded, the planter measures 3,6m, the smallest transport width in its category, without having to disassemble any component.

“Fendt Momentum has the best plantability and transportability on the market. In terms of plantability, it copies the terrain and always maintains uniform weight pressure along the chassis. In this way, it standardizes the deposit of seeds and this will result in an excellent plant stand. In terms of transportability, the rural producer can speed up the process of taking the implement across the property's plots, as the machine is foldable and is in transport mode in just 45 seconds. This agility allows the farmer to have greater yield within increasingly shorter planting windows, thus increasing their productivity”, explains Dotto.

In Brazil since 2019, Fendt has been exceeding expansion targets and moving quickly towards opening dealerships. Over these years, the company opened 32 stores in South America (31 Brazil and 1 Paraguay). 

According to Fendt's commercial director, Rafael Costa, the company is now entering a second phase of expansion, marked by two important steps: opening new stores in regions where there are smaller properties, such as Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná, and launches of products with adequate dimensions, serving producers in these regions. “The opening of stores, with Razera, in Passo Fundo (RS), and the launch of products such as the Fendt 700 Vario series tractors and the Momentum seeder with smaller dimensions, accelerate the brand’s expansion in the Brazilian market”, explains Costa .

Technologies highlights from the series:

=> Fendt Guide System: autopilot with satellite receiver.

=> Fendt Task Doc: the recording of field information goes in real time to the cloud, and can be used immediately by the team.

=> Automation and advanced functions: such as variable rate, section control, automatic headland maneuver, CTF controlled traffic, contour assistant, among others.

=> Fendt Connect: Fendt telemetry system for fleet management and control wherever and whenever you want. Machine control package: controls data, tasks and optimizes implement conditions.

=> New generation of engines AGCO Power 7,5-liter 6-cylinder.

=> Fendt ID: technology that delivers high torque at low speeds - fuel savings and component longevity.

=> VarioDrive: independent transmission of maximum power to each axle, always at the ideal speed for each operation.

=> Dynamic Performance: up to 20 extra hp for auxiliary demands.

=> Armrest centralizes access to controls and buttons grouped by color and with easy-to-understand icons.

=> Interactive screens and buttons they can be quickly customized and memorized according to each operator’s preferences.

=> Reversible fan system for cleaning the front grille: fewer stops for maintenance and greater operational performance.

=> Front axle suspension self-leveling with stability control.

=> Cab air suspension.

=> Premium seat pneumatic.

=> Turning radius 11,8 meters (with 600/70 R30 tires).


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