Fendt innovates with crawler tractor at Bahia Farm Show

The Fendt 1167 Vario MT, with 673 horsepower and tracks instead of wheels, promises to transform agricultural productivity and sustainability in Bahian agriculture

08.06.2023 | 18:11 (UTC -3)

In the midst of the Bahia Farm Show, Fendt impresses by presenting innovations and technological solutions designed to meet the demands of the most demanding and technological rural producers in Bahia. The big star of the occasion is the Fendt 1167 Vario MT tractor, which boasts an impressive 673 horsepower and is equipped with tracks, replacing traditional wheels.

This change brings with it a series of benefits, among which less soil compaction stands out. As a result, the new model allows for less wear on parts and fuel savings. For producers whose crops are based on sandy land or are dedicated to recovering degraded areas, the Fendt 1167 Vario MT proves to be a valuable option.

In addition to improving agricultural efficiency, less soil compaction also increases the sustainability of the process, by allowing plants to extend their roots more easily. This ability promotes healthier growth and, consequently, increases overall productivity.

However, the Fendt 1167 Vario MT's differences are not limited to its tracks. The model also features the Fendt Vario transmission, whose intelligent design ensures ideal rotation and speed. Another innovation is the Smart Ride Plus suspension system, which allows the angle of the tractor's front part to be adjusted according to the producer's needs.

In the case of a simple move around the property, for example, the angle can be increased to facilitate transportation. On the other hand, for jobs that involve pulling heavy implements, it is possible to reduce the angle to increase power and traction.

Finally, the equipment is equipped with four ballast points that can be adjusted according to the resistance imposed by the implement. This customization capacity improves the versatility of the product, allowing it to be used in both heavy work and more delicate situations. With all these advantages, the Fendt 1167 Vario MT stands as a valuable addition to the Bahian agricultural market.

Fendt 1167 Vario MT
Fendt 1167 Vario MT
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