Brazil grows in maritime imports after the pandemic period

In 2019, the volume of maritime imports reached US$133,1 billion reais; in 2023, a new record is expected, with US$ 137 billion

24.10.2023 | 16:17 (UTC -3)
Michel Acherboim, Cultivar edition

Considered one of the biggest pandemics recorded in the world, Covid-19 generated several lockdowns in hundreds of countries, transforming the maritime transport market into a global challenge. With restructuring of staff and mandatory quarantines for crews, there was also a high level of product shortages. 

A survey carried out by the Descartes System Group mapped the pre- and post-pandemic moment and showed that Brazil, despite the critical moment, showed stable growth within the maritime modal for its imports.

In 2019, the volume of maritime imports reached US$ 133,1 billion reais. However, following the same scenario already presented for ports, in 2020, the value represented US$ 110 billion and in 2021, total imports reached US$ 160,9 billion. In 2022, even with the end of the pandemic, there was a significant increase in numbers, when the total volume imported by Brazil reached US$ 210,9 billion - a growth of 31,08% compared to the previous year. 

 "It is important to highlight that there was also an increase in the value of freight over this period. The shortage of containers linked to the reduction in international flights also generated a substantial increase in the maritime modal", adds Helen Abdu, Commercial Manager of Datamyne in Latin America .

National ports 

Another important character for the operation of this transport would be the ports throughout the country. In 2019, the Port of Santos, the largest in Latin America, handled US$52,6 billion. In 2020, more precisely at the epicenter of the pandemic, the value reached was US$45,9 billion, that is, a decrease of almost 13%. 

However, the following year, the same establishment grew again and received US$62,7 billion, equivalent to 39% of the total imported and in 2022, with the end of the pandemic, the numbers grew significantly, reaching the US$ mark 77,9 billion. 

Business partners

The main commercial partners were also highlighted in the survey. Before and after Covid-19, China, the United States and Germany were the countries that exported the most products to the country via maritime transport, respectively. Finally, from January to September 2023, volumes continue to rise and could break new records: in this period alone, Brazil has already imported a volume of US$137 billion.

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