Higher precision spray nozzles improve application quality and efficiency

Jacto presents technology options for conical nozzles that allow uniformity of drops and coverage in more difficult crops

03.02.2021 | 20:59 (UTC -3)
Fernanda Cicillini

Jacto starts 2021 with new application technologies: the conical nozzles Jacto JDC (Jacto Disco Caracol) and Jacto JAC (Jacto Alumina Cone). Manufactured in-house by the company, the models add to the brand's portfolio with advantages for the producer, such as greater precision, excellent droplet uniformity and excellent target coverage.

"We understand that the nozzle is responsible for a large part of the results obtained, as it will enable the correct distribution of phytosanitary products to the target. This control contributes to a healthier crop and contributes to gains for the producer, as a healthy plant expresses the its genetic potential and produces better. In this way, we can say that the nozzles play a strong role in avoiding losses and waste", explains Daniel Petreli, agronomist and specialist in application technologies at Jacto.

Droplet uniformity and excellent coverage on target

 The conical nozzles Jacto JDC (Jacto Disco Caracol) and Jacto JAC (Jacto Alumina Cone) are made of high-resistance ceramic and are suitable for the applications of insecticides, fungicides, acaricides and foliar fertilizers.

The JDC Jet nozzle, for spraying mainly on shrub crops, it is a conical nozzle that projects the jet at different angles (55 to 80˚), depending on the nozzle selection (full cone and empty cone), using the disc and snail configuration. It can have a jet projection in the form of an empty or full conical jet.

"The nozzle was developed for spraying fungicides and insecticides, providing very fine, fine and medium droplets, which helps and facilitates the configuration of the nozzles and increases the droplet deposit and greater penetration into the target" explains the specialist.

The characteristics of the JCD Jet nozzle allow it to be used in Arbus sprayers, which are turbo sprayers. The numbering of the different whirlpool discs and snails facilitates the identification of the nozzles that differ according to the flow, pressure and working speed of the machine.

The JAC Jet was developed to increase spray coverage on more difficult targets. The nozzle projects its drops at an angle of 80º (degrees), which provides very fine drops and droplet deposit and greater penetration into the target, allowing use in boom sprayers and turbo sprayers. The colors in the ISO standard make it easier to identify the nozzles that differ according to the flow, pressure and working speed of the machine.

Application helps you choose the right nozzles for spraying

To collaborate in this very important process of choosing spray nozzles, Jacto has within the Jacto Connect application, the Nozzle Selector tool, which indicates the conditions that the producer needs in the product leaflet and the agronomist's technical recommendation, of the best nozzle recommended for that application situation.

"It is a very useful tool given the large existing portfolio and the importance of this component for efficient phytosanitary management", concludes Petreli.

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