AGCO and Bosch BASF Smart Farming announce joint development

The system will be offered in the Americas and Europe from 2024

06.04.2023 | 10:59 (UTC -3)
Smart spray solution integrated into the Fendt Rogator 665
Smart spray solution integrated into the Fendt Rogator 665

AGCO Corporation and Bosch BASF Smart Farming have announced a partnership to develop and commercialize smart spraying technologies for Fendt Rogator sprayers. The Bosch BASF Smart Farming solution "will deliver optimal herbicide savings without compromising weed control and will enable targeted spraying during day and night conditions," the companies said.

In addition to targeted spraying, the system will provide integrated digital tools to transform application data into actionable insights and improve yields and efficiency for farmers. Herbicide savings are achieved through sensing, automated sensitivity thresholds, access to Bosch BASF Smart Farming pest identification technology and use of the Fendt Rogator application platform.

Testing began in May 2021. AGCO said it will offer the system in the Americas and Europe starting in 2024. Crops currently supported include corn, soybeans, cotton, canola, sunflower and sugar beet. There is the possibility of extension to more cultures.

The system will deliver end-to-end experience through AGCO on-board and off-board controls and Bosch BASF Smart Farming integrated digital platform from xarvio digital agriculture solutions, with insights into data collected during application.

"What makes our system unique is the combination of superior precision, digital tools and agronomic expertise. This type of precision agronomy offering is a breakthrough in supporting farmers with lower impact and higher yields," said Matt Leininger of Bosch BASF Smart Farming.

A Cultivar Magazine published a few days ago an article about the Bosch BASF Smart Farming and Dammann GmbH.

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