ANDA and Nutrientes Para a Vida debate the feasibility of producing without the use of fertilizers

A webinar will be held on December 08th to discuss the topic

06.12.2021 | 14:18 (UTC -3)
Amanda Pimentel

The agricultural inputs market is going through a moment of instability, with the worsening global scenario of rising prices. This causes tension in the fertilizer market, which, due to logistical problems and the energy crisis in Asia, forces producers to look for alternatives to continue producing more and better. 

Therefore, the National Association for the Diffusion of Fertilizers (ANDA) and the Nutrients for Life (NPV) initiative will hold on December 08th, at 17:00 pm, the Webinar "Is it viable to produce without fertilizers?". The event reinforces the need to inform producers about alternatives for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 harvests, in addition to seeking ways that can contribute to maximizing production and quality. 

"We are bringing together market experts to present some information and opportunities, because when we put ourselves in the producers' shoes, we see how much fertilizers will impact production in the short, medium and long term. For this reason, we want to debate and bring ideas that help in better decision-making so that the producer can continue maintaining its high production volumes, even at a time when the market is experiencing high prices", explains Luís Prochnow - general coordinator of Nutrientes Para a Vida.

On the occasion, Carlos Heredia, business consultant in supplies and fertilizers at ANDA, will be present, who will talk a little more about the market and the formation of fertilizer prices, Dr. Luís Prochnow commenting on the importance of fertilizers in the production process and Dr. Rafael Otto, professor at ESALQ/USP, presenting the topic Fertilization aiming for maximum economic return.

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