Valtra launches the Q5 tractor series at Agrishow 2024

Famous equipment in Europe offers precision agriculture solutions and is the highlight of Revista Cultivar's Test Drive this month

29.04.2024 | 14:43 (UTC -3)
Camila Cordeiro, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Valtra launched today, during Agrishow 2024, the largest agricultural fair in Latin America and which continues until May 3 in Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo (SP), its series of Q5 tractors for the Brazilian market. The models are already established in Europe, and arrive to complement the brand's portfolio in Brazil, bringing machines with power ranging from 265 to 305 hp. 

The Q5 Series also reflects Valtra's commitment to constantly supporting rural producers and offering robust, economical and efficient machines, from family farming to large-scale production. In 2023, the models won the Red Dot Award for their innovative design, and the Farm Machine Award for cutting-edge technology. 

For Valtra's commercial director in Brazil, Cláudio Esteves, the launch of the Q5 series at Agrishow is an exceptional opportunity to present the most innovative and advanced technology to the Brazilian agricultural sector. “Expectations for this edition are enormous, and we are confident that the Q5 series will not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of Brazilian producers, contributing significantly to the advancement and success of agribusiness in the country,” he says. 

Valtra Q265, Q285 and Q305 tractors

The Q265 (265 hp), Q285 (285 hp) and Q305 (305 hp) models, available on the Brazilian market, not only offer power on the field, but also stand out for their intelligence and ease of use. Equipped with Valtra's 7,4-liter AGCO Power engine and CVT transmission, these tractors allow operators to perform a variety of tasks efficiently. 

The CVT transmission, a pioneer in Brazil, operates at low engine speeds, providing precise speeds without the need for scaling. Furthermore, it automatically selects the most economical speed, optimizing fuel consumption and distributing power as needed to the hydraulic system, power take-off or transmission.

“It is a tractor ready to perform multiple tasks, mainly in the production of grains, sugar cane and forestry activities, where Valtra is a reference. With high operational performance in crops, it provides greater fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs. The machines offer maximum comfort in the cabin and automated activities with the help of precision agriculture”, says Fábio Dotto, director of product marketing at Valtra and Fendt.

Power with intelligence, maneuverability and high level of visibility

The technology integrated into the series, perfectly incorporated into the driver's cabin, was ergonomically designed to offer greater comfort and ease of use, with easy-to-manipulate controls. 

SmartTurn technology allows the equipment to automatically perform headland maneuvers, without human intervention. Everything about the Q5 Series has been intelligently designed to maximize all-day visibility and comfort.

The cab provides excellent visibility, high-quality suspension and the award-winning SmartTouch user interface. With the Valtra SmartTouch System it is possible to adjust all tractor and autopilot controls simply and quickly. The dashboard has a smart design and interface, with an intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen. Navigation is logical and settings are saved automatically.

Its integrated precision agriculture solutions simplify fleet management, with integration into the fleet management system (FMIS). Data shared with Valtra's specialized dealer network enables remote diagnostics to anticipate maintenance needs, ensuring maximum uptime.

AGCO Power's 7,4-liter six-cylinder engine ensures maximum reliability and fuel efficiency. Maximum power is available at 1.850 revolutions per minute, and maximum torque remains constant in the range of 1.000 to 1.500 revolutions per minute. The EcoPower function is fitted as standard to reduce fuel consumption. Engine management allows you to quickly achieve available power and torque. The Permatorque feature makes the engine work practically at maximum torque constantly, which allows the operation to start with the implement on the ground.

In conjunction with the Momentum Planters, the Q5 Series tractors will bring the user the best planting experience, maximizing crop gains. “This equipment combines intelligence, efficiency, operational capacity and robustness, without neglecting the well-being of the machine operator. Automation is part of this process, as, in addition to facilitating operations, it allows the operator to focus on increasing crop productivity”, comments Dotto.

In addition to being highlighted during Agrishow, Valtra's Q5 Series is the protagonist of the new Test Drive exclusive to Revista Cultivar and issue 245 of Cultivar Máquinas. 

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