Third bean harvest in the 22/23 cycle is expected to break a record in Goiás, with 182,3 thousand tons

Data are from the monthly bulletin published by the Government of Goiás, through the State Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Seapa)

10.08.2023 | 14:04 (UTC -3)
Photo: Enio Tavares/Seapa
Photo: Enio Tavares/Seapa

Goiás is expected to harvest a third record bean harvest in the 2022/2023 cycle. The estimated volume is 182,3 thousand tons of grain, an increase of 4,8% compared to the third harvest of the previous cycle. The positive news is one of the highlights of the August edition of Agro em dados, a monthly bulletin published by the Government of Goiás, through the State Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Seapa). The publication provides a complete overview of beans growing in Goiás and six other important chains in the state's agricultural sector: cattle, pigs, chickens, dairy products, soybeans and corn.

Relevant indicators for the sector, such as production, productivity, planted area, gross production value (VBP), prices and exports, are illustrated by graphs and maps in Agro em dados. In the case of beans, the reader can also check the ranking of the main producers among the municipalities in Goiás. The list is headed by Cristalina. The numbers are accompanied by analyzes produced by the Seapa Agricultural Market Intelligence Management team.

“This month’s bulletin highlights an extremely relevant product in the Brazilian diet, which is beans. Goiás has a strategic position in this chain: we are the fourth largest producer, accounting for almost 10% of national grain production, and the sixth largest exporter”, assesses the head of Seapa, Pedro Leonardo Rezende. “In this sense, Agro em dados makes an important contribution to understanding the current situation and prospects for bean farming in the State in more depth”, he adds.

The August edition of Agro em dados also offers the reader an article by the president of the Goiana Agricultural Defense Agency (Agrodefesa), José Ricardo Caixeta Ramos. In the text, he talks about the importance of bean cultivation and Brazil's prominent position among the world's largest producers of the grain. The manager recalls that integrated management and respect for the phytosanitary measures established by Agrodefesa are essential to safeguard Goiás' production and minimize the damage caused by pests such as whiteflies.

Finally, as part of a continuous improvement process, Agro em dados brings an opinion survey. “The objective is to better understand the newsletter’s readership, check how they evaluate the publication and, consequently, make the necessary adjustments to offer an increasingly better product to the sector”, explains manager Christiane de Amorim. The questionnaire, which can be completed in less than five minutes, is available here

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