Taurus and CBC launch .38 TPC caliber for the Brazilian market

The caliber has superior speed and greater energy, especially in expansive ammunition, reaching an average of 400 joules of power.

06.06.2024 | 15:09 (UTC -3)
Cultivar Magazine, based on information from Mariana Nascimento

Taurus, in partnership with Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), launched the .38 TPC caliber (Taurus Pistol Caliber). This is the result of joint work between the Integrated Center for Technology and Engineering Brazil United States of Taurus (CITE) and the CBC Innovation Center. The creation of the .38 TPC aims to meet the specific demands of the Brazilian market.

According to company information, the .38 TPC caliber is characterized by its superior speed and up to 40% greater energy compared to the .380 AUTO caliber, especially in expansive ammunition, reaching an average of 400 joules of power. This caliber is within the limits established by Decree 11.615/2023 for weapons of permitted use (energy of up to 407 joules at the exit of the test barrel).

In addition to its power, the companies report that the .38 TPC offers significantly reduced recoil, up to 28% less than the 9mm caliber, providing greater control during shooting. This feature is essential for sporting competitions, such as the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation), where precision is crucial. The lower recoil allows for quick aim recovery, enabling a more accurate and efficient second shot.

Launch of adapted pistols

The benefits of the .38 TPC caliber will initially be incorporated into two Taurus pistol models: the G2c TORO and the GX4 Carry Graphene TORO. Both feature the launched Striker Fire percussion system and maintain the same firing capacity as the 9mm models.

• G2c TORO: compact pistol, known as the best-selling in the world, is light, ergonomic and practical to use. In caliber .38 TPC, it has improvements such as a bolt with frontal grooves and a 3rd generation trigger, in addition to the TORO system, which allows the installation of various optical sights. The G2c has an overall length of 158,7 mm, height of 129,1 mm, width of 32,1 mm, weighs approximately 600 grams and has a 3,26 inch barrel.

• GX4 Carry Graphene TORO: High-capacity subcompact with Cerakote Graphene finish, exclusive to Taurus, offers greater resistance and durability. It has a 15-round magazine, a 3,7-inch barrel with DLC coating and a Picatinny rail for accessories. The GX4 Carry Graphene TORO measures 166,5mm long, 131,7mm high, 28,3mm wide and weighs 593 grams.

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