Stara presents launches at Agrishow 2024

In total, there are five new features focusing on spraying, distributors and technology

01.05.2024 | 17:54 (UTC -3)
Stara, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Agrishow continues until Friday (03), in Ribeirão Preto (SP), and Stara is one of the companies participating in the event. This year, the brand presents five launches in the line of agricultural machines: the Eco Spray, the Imperador 4000 Eco Spray, the Bruttus 18000, the Hércules 10000 and 24000 Inox and the Hércules 24000 C. 

For Stara's commercial director, Márcio Fülber, the moment is one of good prospects and positivity for the fair week. “Stara, as always, presents great launches, to generate more productivity, efficiency and profitability for the farmer. We expect a great audience and a great week of sales.” 

Visitors who stop by Stara's stand can get a closer look at the features and benefits present in each of the new launches. Find out more about the news: 

Eco Spray

During Agrishow, Stara carries out the pre-launch of an exclusive new product in partnership with Bosch and BASF in Smart Spraying. Eco Spray is a localized spray solution. It is the first crop protection sprayer in Latin America equipped with the German companies' advanced weed management system.

Brazilian producers now have a powerful ally in reducing production costs, increasing operational efficiency and protecting the environment: the new Imperador 4000 Eco Spray.

The new sprayer comes equipped with One Smart Spray technology, which uses a camera system and artificial intelligence to provide real-time detection and selective spraying of weeds, applying herbicides only where weeds are present, rather than across the entire field. The technology also offers digital and agronomic intelligence tools, including digital maps of weed distribution and applied area, recommendations for herbicide programs and application windows, intelligent sensitivity levels, automatic documentation, among other functions.

Brutus 18000

The Bruttus 18000 is a gravity distributor that combines efficiency, agility and operational performance in a single machine. Versatile, it adapts to all soils and crops, but with a big difference, it has ideal tire spacing for sugar cane crops.

With a capacity of up to 18.000 kg and an application range of 9 meters, it provides great working autonomy, as it has a tilting tank, with side and front flaps, which prevent product from falling during filling.

The Bruttus 18000 has a section disconnection system, which reduces overlapping in finishing applications, avoiding waste of inputs. Furthermore. Its articulated transport chassis leaves the distributor 3,18 meters wide, making it easier to pass through narrow roads, gates and bridges.

Hercules 10000 and 24000 Stainless Steel

The already well-known technology and innovation of the Hércules line of distributors receives two more members, the Hércules 10000 and the 24000 Inox, offering precision and high performance in the distribution of fertilizer amendments. Drag distributors are ideal for distributing correctives, fertilizers and seeds, with excellent uniformity and quality. With Hércules, the producer can work with distribution at a fixed or variable rate, according to the needs of the area, optimizing the use of inputs.

Hercules 24000 C

A registered trademark in the line of distributors, the Hércules 24000 C promises to deliver even more precision and performance in the distribution of correctives, seeds and fertilizers. The Hércules 24000 C is ideal for producers who seek great autonomy in the distribution of correctives such as dry or wet limestone, dry agricultural gypsum, fertilizers and seeds and allows you to work with fixed or variable rate distribution, according to the needs of the area. It has an application speed of 4 to 18 km/h, making it possible to carry out work on up to 1.200 ha/day, maintaining distribution quality.

Releases 2024

In addition to these new features, visitors can also see up close other Stara launches made earlier this year, such as the Eva planter, the Twister 1500 Distributor, the Imperador 2500 sprayer and the Reboke 11000 and 15000 agricultural trailers. 

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