South region records lowest diesel price in Brazil at the end of the semester, reveals Edenred

The average price of a liter of regular diesel was found to be R$5,85 in the South Region, while the S-10 was sold at R$5,89

05.07.2024 | 15:38 (UTC -3)

The most recent Edenred Ticket Log Price Index (IPTL), a survey that consolidates the price behavior of transactions at gas stations, providing a precise average, revealed that, at the end of June, the average price of a liter of common diesel was found to be R$ 5,85 in the South Region, while the S-10 was sold at R$ 5,89, both with an increase of 0,17%, compared to the first fortnight of the month. These were the lowest averages in the entire country. The average for gasoline found in the region was R$5,96, which remained stable compared to the beginning of the month. Ethanol was sold at R$4,15, after an increase of 0,24%.

“Among Brazilian states, Paraná was the one that recorded the lowest average price for both types of diesel. When compared to gasoline, ethanol was considered more advantageous for supply in Paraná and Santa Catarina. Furthermore, biofuel is more ecologically viable by emitting fewer pollutants into the atmosphere and, as a result, contributing to low-carbon mobility”, shows Douglas Pina, General Director of Mobility at Edenred Brasil. 


The IPTL is a fuel price index based on supplies made at 21 accredited Edenred Ticket Log stations, which is highly reliable due to the number of vehicles managed by the brand: 1 million in total, with an average of eight transactions per second. 

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