Sotreq Agro opens branches in Campo Novo do Parecis

Opening of the units is part of the company's operations expansion project, focusing on the agricultural market in the regions covering the states of Mato Grosso, Rondônia, Pará and Tocantins

05.06.2023 | 13:53 (UTC -3)
Harley Pinto

Sotreq Agro, a company dedicated to offering solutions in products and services for agricultural machinery, promoted the opening of new branches in partnership with AGCO, in Campo Novo do Parecis, on the 09th and 10th of May. The events brought together members of the board of Sotreq and AGCO, as well as local authorities, partners and customers from the region.

The new branches stand out for their modern and technologically innovative installations, which include thermoacoustic tiles, lanterns, prismatic domes, LED lighting, machine washers with water treatment plants, workshop boxes adapted to current standards and large air-conditioned showrooms.

For the project to open the new venture, R$32 million were invested in infrastructure and R$22 million in Operations. In addition to an investment of R$36 million in parts and R$6 million in tooling specific to AGCO equipment, investments with the primary purpose of ensuring speed and high efficiency in customer service.

For Marcelo Orberg, President of Sotreq, the opening represents a unique opportunity for the company to intensify its activities in the segment: “The opening of the branch, in partnership with AGCO, will expand our operations in agribusiness, with equipment and machines for different crops and needs, delivering a complete portfolio to everyone in agribusiness.” he stated.

Differentiators of Sotreq Agro

During its history in the market, Sotreq Agro has stood out for offering services focused on customer productivity, such as Plantão Harvest with flexible schedules guaranteeing service at critical moments of agricultural production.

Additionally, the company has implemented preventative maintenance programs to help farmers keep their equipment in optimal working condition and reduce downtime for maintenance.

The unit has more than 20 thousand square meters of space dedicated to agribusiness products and solutions and a stock of genuine AGCO parts with approximately 5 thousand items ready for immediate delivery. Sotreq Agro also has a technical team of more than 40 dedicated specialists.

The arrival of the unit also cultivated strategic partnerships, such as the one established with Senar to offer training for instructors and with the Escolinha de Mecânicos Sotreq, which offers professional training for technicians in agricultural machinery, and is starting its third class of apprentices this year. year.

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