Rio Grande do Sul begins the Citrus harvest

In Montenegro, a harvest of 54 thousand tons of bergamots, 5.500 tons of oranges and 400 tons of lemons is projected

25.07.2023 | 15:38 (UTC -3)

Rio Grande do Sul has approximately 8 thousand citrus growers and stands out for the quality of the fruits produced in the State. This week, the 23rd edition of the State Opening of the Montenegro Citrus Harvest took place, in the Vale do Caí region.

The opening of the harvest is part of the program of the 16th Montenegrin Bergamot Festival, which has a series of attractions, from citrus exhibitions to agricultural machinery displays, cultural presentations and other activities.

“The city of Montenegro is an important hub for citrus production in the State, with a large number of rural producers and industries that help flow production. Citrus cultivation plays an important role in the development of the State and in the formation of Rio Grande do Sul's GDP. And knowing the relevance of the production chain, the Secretariat of Agriculture has intensified its actions to prevent the entry of Greening disease in Rio Grande do Sul”, highlighted advisor Rafael Cruz, representing the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Sustainable Production and Irrigation (Seapi ) during the event.

For this harvest in Montenegro, a harvest of 54 thousand tons of bergamots, 5.500 tons of oranges and 400 tons of lemons is projected. There are currently 3.300 hectares of orchards, around three thousand of which are used for the production of bergamots, according to data from Emater/RS.

Alongside the Secretary of Rural Development, Ronaldo Santini, the president of Emater/RS, Mara Helena Saalfeld, reinforced the commitment of the Rural and Social Extension service to be at the side of citrus growers, even in times of difficulty, such as the recent droughts, but also from the floods that devastated the region last month. “Our difference is precisely this capacity for resilience, to turn things around”, she considered, mentioning the 25 thousand hectares of citrus planted throughout the State.

Also present were the mayor of Montenegro, Gustavo Zanatta, the head of the Agricultural Division of Seapi, Paulo Lipp, the president of the Citrus Chamber of Vale do Caí, Ivan Streit, as well as secretaries, representatives of entities, technicians and others. The State Opening of the Citrus Harvest is organized by the State government and City Hall of Montenegro, with support from Emater/RS, Federation of Agricultural Workers (Fetag), Regional Chamber of Citriculture of Vale do Caí, Organized Home Groups, Association of Fruit Growers of Montenegro, Association of Rural Producers of Campo do Meio and Region, Biocitrus and Ecocitrus.

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