PTx Trimble is present at Agrishow 2024

The company is located at the Valtra stand, and presents a portfolio of solutions that combine precision agriculture technologies

01.05.2024 | 15:38 (UTC -3)
Cultivar Magazine, based on information from AGCO Corporation

PTx Trimble, a joint venture (JV) launched in April this year between AGCO Corporation and Trimble Agriculture, is present for the first time at Agrishow. The company is located at the Valtra stand, and presents a portfolio of solutions that combine precision agriculture technologies.

Following the creation of the JV, new machines from AGCO's main brands (Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra) also offer factory technology from the PTx portfolio. Guillermo Perez-Iturbe (in the video), Vice President of Marketing, highlights that PTx Trimble is a combination of two companies that have a particular point: focusing on the end customer. In other words, “always considering what the needs are, where it needs to apply more technology to boost the economy in a sustainable way”, he explains. 

The brand brings together solutions for each season, and has products designed to offer compatibility between brands and equipment models. Whether from hardware and software solutions to mechanical equipment updates, the products aim to cover the entire crop cycle. 

JV launch

AGCO Corporation announced the launch of PTx as a new brand representing its precision agriculture portfolio. The initiative combines precision agriculture technologies from the pillars of AGCO's technology stack: Precision Planting and its joint venture PTx Trimble. 

The strategic alignment of these brands seeks to facilitate AGCO's rapid growth in technology transformation and support the future development and distribution of next-generation agricultural technologies to farmers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The PTx name is rooted in AGCO's heritage: precision agriculture (P) and advanced technologies (T) that multiply (x) the impact it creates for farmers through continuous, smart, farmer-centric technologies.

Tractor raffle 

Trimble is promoting an exclusive and special giveaway for its customers. Named "Precision that Gives Luck", the campaign will include a winner with a Massey Tractor model MF 4707 and a set of technologies from Ptx Trimble with a GFX 1060 Screen, Nav 900 Receiver, EZ Pilot PRO Electric Pilot and 1 year of CenterPoint RTX. To participate, interested parties must already have the brand's technologies, or purchase them by May 30, 2024. Each product has a serial number that guarantees a chance to compete for prizes, and the greater the number of numbers registered the producer has registered, the more chances he has of winning. It is also worth remembering that Trimble products may have been installed at the factory, that is, already when the tractor was purchased.  

Interested parties can also consult the complete regulations

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