Orion presents new features at Agrishow 2024 and prepares for global expansion

One of the new features is the FA 1500 Double Shot, the only equipment in the world capable of dual simultaneous application

30.04.2024 | 17:07 (UTC -3)
Ricardo Alécio
Photo: Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Cultivar Magazine

The largest Brazilian manufacturer of equipment for applying liquid products to the soil, Orion presents a new product at Agrishow 2024 that promises to shake up the market. The company launched the GreenSystem FA 1500 Double Shot, an unprecedented piece of equipment capable of applying two types of product at the same time – biological and chemical – on the same planting line, with efficiency and quality. This product is the result of Orion's strategic partnership with John Deere.

The new equipment has two completely independent hydraulic circuits, which can work with variable rate application and session cutting. The FA 1500 Double Shot has two tanks – the main one, 1.500 liters, which holds biological inputs and has a 75 l/min pump, and the secondary tank, 120 liters, for chemical inputs, with a 36 l pump. /min.

The nozzle for applying chemical input is positioned right after the cutting disc and must work at greater depth, thus avoiding contact with the bio-input. The nozzle for applying biological input is positioned right after the double discs for opening the furrow. This way, it is possible to carry out both applications in the same planting line.

“With this technology, the producer gains productivity, because, at the same time that he applies the inoculation in a total area, he can apply a nematicide in a localized way, saving product, fuel and having a faster return on investment, since, in addition to the operational gains, you will have gains in productivity and sustainability with soil regeneration”, explains Orion’s marketing and new business director, Rodrigo Alandia.


In addition to the new equipment, Orion also took advantage of its presence at Agrishow to present the Cygni application, the company's digital agriculture brand. The new app allows remote monitoring of crops using satellite images with the purpose of processing and generating maps for future localized application at a variable rate. The telemetry function, to monitor machines in real time, will be presented later this year.

“With this application, we facilitate all the solutions that were already available on the web portal, now in an easier and more accessible way, just like using a cell phone or tablet. This will allow for better crop management and increased productivity for our customers”, says Alexandre Santiago, vice-president of Orion.

Orion also launched another application, Orion Tec, which makes materials and content available to any user to deepen knowledge about soil applications. It is a knowledge platform, available to customers and those interested in the subject.

“For in-furrow applications to be successful, they require physical, chemical, biological and agronomic knowledge. And we, as specialists in furrow application with quality and efficiency, make a point of making this type of knowledge available to the market and to our customers, so that they can make increasingly better applications”, adds Alandia.

Expansion plan

Orion Tecnologia e Sistemas Agrícolas, founded in 1967 by Ricardo Rodrigues da Cunha, current president and director of research and development, also has its eye on other markets and is working to consolidate an audacious business expansion plan in Latin American markets. Currently, Orion already sells in the markets of Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador and Paraguay – in the latter, in addition to its commercial presence, the brand is preparing the inauguration of the equipment factory to better serve customers in this very important market.

The next step is the European market, where Orion already has equipment working in the demonstration and validation phase with its partner Koppert, from the Netherlands. The company plans to set up its operations in Portugal to be able to serve all markets on that continent. “North America is also on the company's radar, as the use of bio-inputs is gaining strength, our bio-input manufacturer partners need the product to be applied with excellence and they count on Orion to meet this requirement”, adds Ricardo Cunha, president of Orion.

In addition, Orion is investing around R$25 million in the construction of a new and modern factory in the city of Quintana (SP), 14 km away from its current headquarters in Pompéia, which should be opened in 2024.

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