New Silverado debuts as the most advanced pickup on the market

Superior load and towing capacity, greater interior comfort and unprecedented electronic systems are some of the other differences

09.11.2023 | 16:52 (UTC -3)
Bruna Marconi
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Chevrolet launches the Nova Silverado in Brazil, which is arriving to complete the brand's pickup truck line, made up of the Nova Montana and the S10. The New Silverado debuts as the most advanced pickup truck on the market, in an exclusive configuration to serve consumers who seek maximum design, performance, sophistication and technology.

Among the main innovations are the management system for activating the number of cylinders, which optimizes gasoline consumption, and the possibility of remotely updating all of the vehicle's electronic modules, opening up a range of opportunities for customization in the future.

Furthermore, the New Silverado is the pickup in its category with the largest bed (1.781 liters), the largest towing capacity (4,1 tons) and the first equipped with the Google Built-in multimedia center, which places the vehicle in a higher level of connectivity.

The New Silverado comes with a high-performance V8 engine, 10-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift, intelligent 4x4 traction system with reduced gear and a special off-road package.

The model debuts in the top-of-the-line High Country version, which has a premium finish and a wide list of convenience and safety items, such as collision or run-over warning with autonomous emergency braking also in reverse gear, as well as electric lid activation. rear by remote control, including for closing.

“2023 is the year of pickup trucks, and Chevrolet is the fastest growing in the segment. The success of pre-sales of the New Silverado shows the strength of the brand and that there is an increasing demand for this type of product in the market”, says Santiago Chamorro, president of GM South America.

Chevrolet doubled its sales volume in the segment between January and October, compared to the same period last year, while the premium pickup truck category is emerging, driven mainly by the importance of agribusiness, a territory with Chevrolet's extensive tradition.

The forecast is that the super premium vehicle market in general will hit a record this year and generate R$ 8 billion, with half of this amount going to pickup trucks and the rest divided between SUVs, super sports cars and luxury sedans.

The New Silverado will begin to be delivered to consumers at the turn of the year, and the next batches will be sold directly through the Chevrolet dealership network.

The top of the mountain

The Silverado is Chevrolet's best-selling model in the world and arrives in Brazil in its most surprising generation, which was recently updated in the United States. Result: more imposing design, improved comfort level and mechanical and software updates that made the vehicle even more efficient.

Chevrolet has always set trends in pickup trucks and the New Silverado is no different. The look combines robustness and refinement very well. The high level of technology is another striking feature of the project, which, added to all its versatility, puts the model at a truly special level in its price range.

For greater strength and weight optimization, the bodywork uses different materials, with variations in composition and thickness. Hood, doors and rear lid are made of aluminum, while the bed, for example, has a reinforced steel floor capable of withstanding an impact up to 50% greater than that of traditional pickup trucks.

The New Silverado uses an innovative production process that guarantees greater torsional power, something important for extreme situations, such as off-road. In this sense, it is worth highlighting that it already has a chassis with Off-Road preparation as standard.

This package includes high-profile All Terrain tires for better shock absorption and traction capacity on the ground, Rancho brand shock absorbers, extra protection under the floor for the engine and transmission, as well as electronic hill assist and an on-board computer screen with information on the steering angle and the horizontal and vertical inclination of the body.

The result is a vehicle with excellent figures, such as 24,8 degrees of approach angle, 21,6 degrees of departure angle with a ground clearance of 243 millimeters.

The inaugural version is the High Country, the most luxurious available. On the outside, it has a Full LED intelligent lighting system; chrome grille and trim, as well as elements such as running boards and electrically operated rear lid. The wheels are 20 inches with a machined surface.

The size of the vehicle also draws attention. It is 5.915 mm long, 2.063 mm wide and 1.945 mm high. It's no surprise that the New Silverado has the longest wheelbase (3.745 mm) and the largest bed in its category, which translates into a truly versatile pickup truck for everyday life, leisure or work.

Inside, the New Silverado stands out for its ample space for up to five occupants, the selection of noble materials and the extensive list of convenience items, which includes air conditioning with different temperature zones, seats and steering wheel with electrical adjustment and climate control, premium Bose audio system and sunroof with curtain that completely blocks out light.

The package of safety items is equally complete: front, side and curtain airbags; front collision and pedestrian and rear cross-traffic alert - both with autonomous emergency braking; blind spot alert with sudden approach sensor and lane keeping assistant. Automatic response in the event of an accident and OnStar's SOS button are other examples.

The driver has at his disposal advanced driving features such as adaptive cruise control from 25 km/h, electronic gear selector, color Head Up Display with projection of vehicle information on the base of the windshield, seat with ventilation and heating in addition to adjustment memories and vibrating alert option, internal rear view mirror with high definition camera and 360 degree vision with multiple sensors for maneuvers.

Another interesting feature is the customizable 12,3-inch digital panel, which provides a wide range of technical and vehicle operating information, including a screen for the transmission temperature gauge and engine usage time – very useful for utility vehicles.

The pickup is also capable of identifying the driver by the corresponding remote key, personalizing everything from the welcome message to the memorized seat adjustments.

The first with Google Built-in

The New Silverado arrives on the market with the highest level of connectivity. The vehicle opens a new level for the Chevrolet brand with the debut of Google Built-in, which brings together Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play, among others.

In addition to ensuring greater integration of multimedia with the vehicle itself, the system automatically connects to the user's digital profile to import from the cloud, from their favorite apps, through their list of destinations to their personal calendar.

Another relevant difference is that this system operates independently, not requiring the connection of a smartphone to function.

Google Built-in also makes it possible to control items such as the car's air conditioning and audio system by voice command, in addition to interacting with technology based on artificial intelligence to consult the weather forecast and search for specific information.

It is also possible to connect with smart homes. Thus, moments before entering the house, the user can ask to deactivate the alarm system or to open the garage door, for example.

One more advantage: Google Built-in is potentially compatible with a much larger number of applications, which go far beyond traditional music streaming, online maps and messaging.

It is possible to establish several profiles, one for each driver, selectable on the multimedia screen and protected by a password. There is even a “valet mode”, which blocks access to system settings and users' personal data.

“Silverado will offer the most complete connectivity package on the market, with services and applications that completely change the consumer’s experience with the vehicle”, says Chris Rego, executive director of Marketing at GM South America.

Chevrolet's large pickup truck will be the first model on the market in the country equipped with Google Built-in, Android Auto and Apple Car Play, native Wi-Fi, OnStar system and the myChevrolet App. It is also possible to install Alexa.

The premium pickup also stands out for its state-of-the-art MyLink multimedia with a 13,4-inch screen, the largest in its category. As it is horizontal, the data is at the height of the driver's field of vision.

Another innovation is the fact that the New Silverado is the brand's first model to feature a much more advanced generation of electronic architecture, which allows, for example, remote updating of all electronic modules. There are 75 of them here, twice the average number of passenger vehicles.

Therefore, if the manufacturer provides a different look for the instrument panel or a new performance calibration for the engine, the consumer will be able to customize their car via the internet - without the need to go to a workshop.

Surprising performance

Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

The New Silverado comes with the latest generation V8 engine, with 5.3L capable of optimizing the activation of the number of cylinders depending on the driving condition. This engine is from the same family as the Camaro super sports car, but with improvements to meet the particularities of large pickup truck users.

Focusing on lower gasoline consumption, Silverado's exclusive DFM (Dynamic Fuel Management) technology automatically adjusts the number of active cylinders according to the need for instantaneous torque. To do this, it performs more than 80 calculations every second.

While other pickups in the category have up to two electronic cylinder activation management patterns (four or eight), the New Silverado has 17 combinations, which gives it a much wider range of options and allows the pickup to run more than 60 % of the time without the need to activate all eight cylinders simultaneously, bringing even greater acoustic comfort and durability.

Another global update recently made to the vehicle is the combination of the 5.3L V8 engine with the modern 10-speed automatic transmission, which has programming and gear ratios exclusive to the Chevrolet model.

“The New Silverado’s level of acoustic and driving comfort is truly extraordinary, which also shows the high electronic processing power of this powertrain. This enhances the performance of the pickup's 360 horsepower considering the national fuel”, says Elbi Kremer, director of Engineering and Product Planning at GM South America.

All of this, added to the vehicle's optimized weight (2.505 kg) and aerodynamic features such as the active radiator grille, allow for performance compatible with that of large and even more powerful pickup trucks. Regarding gasoline consumption, the Chevrolet model travels 6 km/l in the city and 7,2 on the highway according to the Inmetro standard.

The traction is intelligent and can distribute the 519 Nm force between the four wheels depending on the type of terrain and load condition. The set also has a reduced package, locking differential and electronic incline and incline control. The driver can also easily configure the vehicle's calibration map for different situations: Off-Road, Normal and Sport.

The largest bucket in the segment

If there is a specific element that differentiates pickup trucks from other types of automobiles, it is the bed. For this reason, it is one of the main factors in the decision to purchase commercial vehicles.

The New Silverado offers the largest and most functional truck bed in its class. There are up to 716 kg or 1.781 liters of volumetric capacity. The space is covered with a special material that provides greater protection for the vehicle and also for more delicate loads. It also has 12 internal hooks for lashing and a high voltage socket (110V).

The rear lid has an automated tilting mechanism for both opening and closing, the bumper has an integrated step at the ends and there is a wide list of accessories for the pickup, such as a bed divider and an electric hard top. An extra high-definition camera allows cargo monitoring during the trip via multimedia.

The exclusive configuration of the New Silverado for Brazil also brings advanced solutions for towing, such as an external rear-view mirror with more comprehensive visibility, an integrated trailer brake control system and the ability to pull vehicles up to 4.128 kg, superior to any top-of-the-line premium gasoline pickup truck. line.

It is also worth noting that the package includes towing mode, which adjusts the transmission's shift pattern to reduce gear variation. This provides greater performance, vehicle control and better transmission and engine cooling when driving down steep descents or mountain slopes, when towing or transporting heavy loads.

Also interesting are the various storage compartments inside the cabin, including those behind the backrest and below the rear seat, which add up to 34 liters of capacity.

The New Silverado is offered in four metallic color options (Abalone White, Rush Gray, Global Black and Radiant Red) with a three-year vehicle warranty supported by more than 550 dealerships, creating the largest technical assistance network for full-size pickup trucks in the country. country. The model also comes with the Super Premium connectivity package.

The offer includes a free year of in-vehicle Wi-Fi (limited to 20 GB monthly) and the most comprehensive plan for OnStar, GM's advanced telematics system that offers 24/7 personalized assistance for emergency services and security. The benefit also includes the myChevrolet app, to control vehicle functions remotely. The customer also receives the Sem Parar tag with 12 free monthly payments.

Check out the main equipment and features of the New Silverado:


- 5.3L V8 gasoline engine

- Exclusive DFM system that optimizes performance and energy efficiency

- Dual exhaust system

- Active front grille

- Off-Road, Normal and Sport driving modes

- Towing assistance system

- 10-speed automatic transmission

- Paddle shift on the steering wheel

- Chassis with Off-Road package

- AWD with reduced gear and locking differential

- Hill and slope control

- 20 inch wheels with machined finish

- High profile all terrain tires


- Customizable 12,3-inch digital panel

- Colorful heads-up display

- 13,4-inch MyLink with Built-in Google, Alexa, Android Auto and Apple Car Play

- OnStar with native Wi-Fi and myChevrolet App

- Induction charger

- Remote update of all electronic modules

- Interior rear view with high definition camera

- Smart key with command to activate the rear lid

- Adaptive cruise control

- Collision warning with front and rear autonomous emergency braking

- Blind spot warning with sudden approach sensor

- Lane Keeping Assistant

- Seat with vibrating alert

- Integrated trailer brake control system


- High Country finish combining two-tone leather, wood and Ice Chrome

- Premium Bose Sound

- Electric tilting bucket lid

- 360-degree high-definition camera, including for viewing the load

- Dual Zone air conditioning with rear outlets

- Seats and steering wheel with electrical adjustment and climate control

- Memories of driver seat adjustments, exterior mirrors and vehicle settings

- Wide-view split mirrors and auxiliary lights

- 12V and 110V sockets

- Foldable rear seats with multifunctional organizers

- Self-retracting footboard with three positions

- Electric sunroof

- Electrically operated rear window

- Full LED lighting system with intelligent auto headlight

Technical summary

Design: The Chevrolet pickup combines an imposing and sophisticated look at the same time. It harmonizes the proportions very well, with emphasis on the longest wheelbase and the largest bucket in the gasoline category. Also noteworthy are the matte chrome (Ice Chrome), the Full LED lighting and the sculpted bodywork for better aerodynamics. All of this provides a more technological aspect to the product.

Content: The New Silverado values ​​the highest level of comfort, refinement and safety. But no other vehicle offers as much connectivity as the largest and most advanced multimedia on the market. The big news is Google Built-In, which completely transforms the user experience with the product by offering many more services and applications, regardless of a smartphone to operate. It is also the first Chevrolet that allows remote updates of all electronic modules.

Performance: Today it is the electronic management capacity that defines the technological level of a car. Silverado is a reference in this regard. It performs like much more powerful pickup trucks, but consumes less gasoline and runs much smoother and quieter than the category average. One of the secrets is the exclusive DFM system, capable of optimizing cylinder activation as needed. While competitive engines offer a maximum of two variables, Chevrolet's premium pickup has 17 programming combinations. Other: no other tows vehicles up to 4,1 tons in the category.

Performance data

- 0-100 km/h: 7,4s

- 40-100 km/h: 6,7s

- 80-120 km/h: 5,7s

- Maximum speed: 180 km/h (electronically limited)

- Urban consumption: 6,0 km/l

- Road consumption: 7,2 km/l

- Off-road features

 - Angle of attack: 24,8 degrees

 - Departure angle: 21,6 degrees

- Free height from the ground: 243 mm

- Off-road package: All Terrain tires, Rancho shock absorbers, reinforced floor and electronic slope control

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