Mosaic presents portfolio focused on soil health at Bahia Farm Show

Mosaic Biosciences Brasil products will also be on display during the event, which takes place from June 11th to 15th, in Luís Eduardo Magalhães (BA)

07.06.2024 | 16:06 (UTC -3)
Diego Pessôa, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

Mosaic, one of the largest global producers of combined phosphates and potassium, will be present at the Bahia Farm Show, which takes place from June 11th to 15th, in Luis Eduardo Magalhães, Bahia (BA), with a portfolio full of new features. The proposal is to offer rural producers the most innovative plant and soil nutrition for the entire agricultural market.

Among the highlights are products from the recently launched Mosaic Biosciences, with technologies that improve soil health and support the natural biology of plants. The items contain microorganisms and natural compounds in their formulation. To manage water stress, the company offers MBio Hidro, which protects crops against water shortages and excessive heat, promoting more tolerant plants. 

Aiming to increase efficiency in the use of nutrients, the products MBio Brad, MBio Azo and MBio Phos act to increase the availability of nitrogen and phosphorus for plants, maximizing growth and promoting a more resilient production system.

Another product that will be exhibited by the company at the event is Performa Bio, which guarantees even more efficiency in fertilization, with maximum use of nutrients, which provides better crop development and higher levels of productivity. With a triple action model, Performa Bio nourishes, balances and strengthens crops, contributing to more balanced plants that are tolerant to environmental interference. Research also showed that gains from soybeans were 5,1 bags per hectare, which could represent an increase of almost 10% in crop yield compared to conventional management.

Rural producers from Bahia and throughout Brazil who visit the fair will also have the opportunity to learn about Aspire, which offers balanced nutrition to crops. “Aspire is a potassium-based product with two sources of boron, in a single granule, which provides two ways of release: one immediate and the other gradual. In this way, one of the forms of boron is readily available to the plant, while the other is released slowly during its development. The result is a uniform distribution of nutrients and greater productivity”, explains Mosaic product manager, Filipe Miranda. 

Soybean fields treated with the product had an increase in productivity of 3,5 bags per hectare, performing better than crops that had conventional management.

New development in Matopiba

In addition to the benefits provided by the products presented by Mosaic at the Bahia Farm Show, Bahia agribusiness will also be covered by the company in a project announced last year and whose construction began in January this year: a new mixing unit in Palmeirante (TO) . The project, which involves an investment of R$400 million, aims to expand the company's presence in the Matopiba region (Maranhão, Tocantins, Piauí and Bahia).

The start of operations is scheduled for 2025, employing around 200 people. The company predicts that, in the first year of activity, the unit will produce 500 thousand tons, reaching annual production capacity of 1 million tons in 2028. Taking into account the region's growth, the estimate is that the volume of fertilizer deliveries will reach the mark of 9,3 million tons between the years 2025 and 2032.

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