MF 8S tractor is one of Massey Ferguson's highlights for Agrishow 2024

The model won the 2023/24 Tractor of the Year Award, and has new powers of 285 hp and 305 hp

29.04.2024 | 17:21 (UTC -3)
Flavia Amarante, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Cultivar Magazine

Massey Ferguson's presence at Agrishow 2024, the largest agricultural fair in Latin America, which continues until May 3 in Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo (SP), is being marked by the presentation of launches and solutions in planting and distribution of fertilizers. One of the highlights is the MF 8S tractor, winner of the 2023/24 Tractor of the Year Award, and has new powers of 285 hp and 305 hp. 

The MF8S also has a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) option, which allows you to program the correct speed for each operation. The new models expand the options of the planting set formed by the tractor and the Momentum planter, available in 18 to 24 planting lines. 

Another launch is the MF 560R Dry, a distributor of solid fertilizers, which offers greater working autonomy and reduces fuel consumption by 30%, and the MF V Series front loaders, which integrated into the original factory tractor provide agility and versatility in operations. from the farm. 

“We continually invest in research and development to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of rural producers and contribute to increased productivity and profitability in agriculture. At Agrishow, we will present a complete line of solutions, from tractors, sprayers, harvesters, haymaking products, as well as the most complete line of planters and technological solutions”, explains Alexandre Stucchi, sales director at Massey Ferguson.

The technology present in the installation system of the MF V Series front loaders allows the operator to connect or disconnect the implement easily and quickly, without the need for the use of tools. Aimed at producers who use the tractor for multiple tasks, front loaders help with livestock, agriculture and farm maintenance activities. There are three types of implements, which offer solutions for handling soil, transporting hay bales, and loading seeds and fertilizer, optimizing time and contributing to increased productivity in the field.

Intended for applying fertilizers to the most diverse types of crops and land, the MF 560R Dry solid fertilizer distributor has Smart Drive transmission, with a ramp capacity of up to 36%, depending on soil conditions, which makes it possible to anticipate entry into the crop, especially in humid conditions, carrying out the operation in 25% less time. It has a distribution box with a capacity of 6m³ to serve medium and large farmers and an AGCO Power engine, with 200 hp, which offers greater working autonomy and reduces fuel consumption by 30%.

With variable rate technology, it allows the application of up to 40m of working range, from 15 to 1000 kg/ha, in the exact quantity and in the appropriate location. Based on detailed soil analysis, this tool allows personalized correction, ensuring more precise and efficient use of inputs. The cabin was designed to offer comfort, noise reduction and greater visibility. It has a pneumatic seat with height adjustment, auxiliary brake for ascents and descents, and all functions and buttons are arranged in an easy and agile way. 

The equipment comes standard with the Massey Guide autopilot and Massey Ferguson Connect telemetry, a management solution that allows the collection of data from machines so that managers can monitor the operation of the equipment wherever they are and make decisions in a simple and agile way. .


Among the technologies included in the Momentum planter, there is the weight distribution system across the chassis that divides the central load equally, which results in better performance in hilly areas, providing homogeneous seed deposition depth and improving planting quality and vApply Granular, a Precision Planting® fertilizer control technology, which manages fertilizer in two sections, reducing fertilizer waste by up to 50%.

When spraying, the MF 8225HD sprayer provides greater wheel grip and 34% gradeability. With a capacity of 2.500 liters, it has 24m and 30m bars, designed to provide greater plant coverage and increased operational performance and a 174 hp AGCO Power engine. Spray control technology allows the boom to be divided into nine sections that automatically turn off as spraying is carried out, avoiding overlaps and reducing product waste.

HD hybrid combines have the exclusive Heavy Duty transmission, which provides up to 25% more ramp capacity. The machines facilitate harvesting, maneuvering and movement in different topography and crop conditions, without the need to change gears during operation. The transmission system, final reduction (gear set located on the front axles) and new hydraulic pumps and motors allow the machine to maintain its path without having to deviate from inclines, favoring fuel economy and performance, resulting in greater productivity. With models ranging from 218 hp to 262 hp, HD hybrid harvesters increase productivity and sustainability in the field, reducing pollutant emissions and optimizing fuel consumption.

The brand also offers a complete line of haymaking, with emphasis on the MF RB4160V baler, which has the advantage of greater work speed and reduced maintenance and noise levels. To ensure smooth bale unloading, the wrapper table placed close to the ground minimizes rolling speed and maintains the ideal bale shape.

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