Massey Ferguson launches electric autopilot for tractors, harvesters and sprayers

System developed by Fuse aims to increase precision and operational efficiency for small and medium-sized farmers

02.05.2023 | 05:41 (UTC -3)
Cultivate, with information from Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson recently launched Fuse Guide, an electric autopilot that can be installed on new or used tractors, combines and sprayers. Developed by Fuse, AGCO's technology brand, the system is aimed at small and medium-sized farmers who wish to use precision technologies in their activities.

A Cultivar Magazine recently reported on the launch of Fuse: AGCO and Hexagon to expand distribution of guidance systems.

Second vanderson schneider (in the photo above), Fuse Product Marketing specialist, Fuse Guide is an easy to install and use system, which allows farmers to use various equipment, enjoying maximum precision during soil preparation, planting, spraying and harvesting. Furthermore, the system is compatible with several precision agriculture solutions on the market, allowing you to add more technology to the machine in the field.

The monitor for viewing information can be 5, 7 or 10 inches, depending on the size of the machine and the producer's needs. If the producer intends to use only the autopilot, a smaller screen will serve the purpose, but if he also intends to use additional functions, such as controlling seeds during planting, fertilization or variable spraying rates, the indication is via the terminal 7 or 10 inches, as both are compatible with ISOBUS implements.

The Fuse Guide has the Smart7 receiver installed on top of the equipment, responsible for capturing satellite signals for positioning, ensuring accuracy on the route. Using the system allows for an increase of up to 5% in the planted area, compared to working without precision technology.

With the electric autopilot, it is possible to reduce work fatigue, allowing the operator to maintain focus on the operation to be performed, which results in increased operational efficiency, as well as fewer failures and overlaps, optimizing resources and inputs.

Installation of the Fuse Guide is carried out through the Massey Ferguson dealer network.

Fuse Guide: new electric cruise control from Massey Ferguson
Fuse Guide: new electric cruise control from Massey Ferguson
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