LS Tractor presents the new series of MT7 tractors at Agrishow 2024

Designed to meet the production of dense crops, this line of compacts comes with two models of 80 hp and 93 hp

02.05.2024 | 10:54 (UTC -3)
Nelson Moreira, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Cultivar Magazine

Designed based on specific demands from coffee, citrus and fruit producers, the new series of MT7 tractors from LS Tractor, in Cabinado and Rops versions, is being presented at Agrishow 2024, an event that takes place until May 3, in Ribeirão Preto ( SP). The models with the original factory cabin and also the Rops version, with engine power of 80hp or 93hp, are the highlights. 

LS Tractor's marketing and product manager, Astor Kilpp, explains that the concept sought for this new product was to offer a machine with greater force (torque) and, consequently, greater fuel economy. “That's why we chose four-cylinder Perkins engines with 04 or 80 hp, MAR93/Tier1 technology, with low noise and lower vibration characteristics. That’s a lot of power in a compact model,” he points out.

Kilpp also adds that they have 16% more engine torque compared to competitors, 43% more torque reserve and 19% more power available at the PTO, according to comparative data using information available in technical publications highlighted by the manufacturers.

The two MT7.80f and MT7.90f models are equipped with a modern LS Transmission design that offers 20 forward and 20 reverse speed options (20x20), and with a Synchro Shuttle reversal system offering great agility in maneuvering and the Creeper super reducer allows specific work with implements that require a speed below 1km/hour when traveling.

The power take-off offers three speed options (540, 750 or 1000 rpm), with maximum power of 76hp or 87hp. “It is a cabin that meets all safety standards, and an excellent standard of operational comfort, as is the LS Tractor standard”, highlights the manager.

Photo: Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Cultivar Magazine

The new design of the hydraulic system offers a specified remote control with three valves, a variable flow valve with flow adjustment from 2 to 50 liters/min, to suit implements with the need to drive a hydraulic motor.

“These new models were designed to meet current work needs and with all the variety of implements available in this market segment, these technical features are bringing a new proposal for mechanization in crops in restricted areas and dense plantations”, believes Kilpp.

G40 Tractor

Another highlight is the compact G40 model, which meets the needs of family farming. The tractor leaves the factory with all the technological items that characterize and highlight LS Tractor products. 

Smallest turning radius in the category (55º), synchronized forward and reverse inverter (Syncro Shuttle) ensuring greater agility and speed in operations, super reducer, adjustable hydrostatic steering ensuring better ergonomics, greater clearance (ground height of 50,7, 3 cm), power take-off with three speeds. And a Tier XNUMX certified engine, with a significant reduction in CO² emissions and a high fuel economy rate.

Discover the specifications of this model in the video below with J. Ferreira, Product Marketing coordinator at LS.

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