Losses from floods exceed R$95 million for tobacco producers in Rio Grande do Sul

Survey found that 75 tobacco-producing municipalities were affected by the bad weather in May

07.06.2024 | 15:52 (UTC -3)
Eliana Stulp
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

The unprecedented floods that affected Rio Grande do Sul in early May and changed the lives of thousands of people also brought losses to almost two thousand tobacco producers. This is what the survey carried out by the Interstate Tobacco Industry Union (SindiTabaco) shows with associated companies. This week, the president of SindiTabaco met with the board of directors of the Brazilian Tobacco Growers Association (Afubra) and representatives of the Federation of Agricultural Workers (Fetag-RS) and the Agriculture Federation of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Farsul) to present and analyze the numbers.

According to Iro Schünke, president of SindiTabaco, the research reflects the reality of the second half of May, when there were still some difficulties with access and communication in many locations. “Based on the information, we value the losses approximately, in order to measure the amount of losses”, he explains.

In total, 1.929 rural properties were affected by floods in 75 municipalities listed in the survey. In terms of affected producers, Candelária stands out, where 214 producers suffered losses, followed by Agudo (136), Barros Cassal (132), Venâncio Aires (116), Arroio do Tigre (101), Gramado Xavier (96), Segredo (89 ), Boqueirão do Leão (78), Ibarama (71), Passa Sete (69), Sinimbu (67), Fontoura Xavier (63), Lagoão (63), Santa Cruz do Sul (61), Vera Cruz (58) and Southern Paradise (50).

Considering the estimated valuation of losses, the ten most affected municipalities were Venâncio Aires (R$ 18,3 million), Candelária (R$ 16,52 million), Agudo (R$ 6,35 million), Ibarama (R$ 5,96, 4,57 million), Santa Cruz do Sul (R$ 3,83 million), Vera Cruz (R$ 3,36 million), Paraíso do Sul (R$ 2,98 million), Sinimbu (R$ 2,47 million), Cruzeiro do Sul (R$ 2,45 million) and Arroio do Tigre (R$ XNUMX million).

The survey also demonstrated that 96% of the producers who were affected intend to continue producing tobacco. “We need to provide conditions so that they can continue the work of this next harvest and, in this sense, the associated companies have already replaced the necessary inputs to rebuild 2.070 beds of lost seedlings, an investment that reaches around R$ 1,6 million. We are confident that, even in the face of this tragedy, tobacco production in the most affected areas should remain close to the estimates projected for the 2024/25 harvest, which is still in its initial phase”, commented Schünke.

According to the executive, the industry and producer representation are doing their best to minimize losses, but public policies will be necessary to provide emergency assistance to producers, especially in accessing lines of credit for the maintenance and construction of homes, greenhouses and warehouses. “In this sense, we believe that the representation of producers is an important ally in interceding with government bodies at this time of reconstruction, especially considering that tobacco producers are diversified, as they also plant foods such as corn, beans, soybeans and rice”, concluded.

Main results of the survey

1.929 producers affected

2.070 construction sites lost

1.428 hectares lost [arable land]

285 tons of fertilizer lost

848 tons is the estimated production loss for the 2024/25 harvest

Curing units (greenhouses)

222 partial losses

129 total losses


178 partial losses

87 total losses

Damage to homes

140 with losses of up to 30%

126 with losses between 30% and 70%

86 with total loss

Municipalities affected

Agudo, Anta Gorda, Arroio do Tigre, Arvorezinha, Barra da Fortaleza, Barros Cassal, Bom Retiro do Sul, Boqueirão do Leão, Caiçara, Candelária, Canudos do Vale, Casca, Cerro Branco, Cirático, Coqueiro Baixo, Cruzeiro do Sul, Davi Canabarro, Dona Francisca, Doutor Ricardo, Encruzilhada, Estrela Velha, Faxinal do Soturno, Fontoura Xavier, Formoso, General Câmara, Gramado Xavier, Herveiras, Ibarama, Ibiraiaras, Ilópolis, Itaara, Itapuca, Ivorá, Jacuizinho, Jaguari, Lagoa Bonita do Sul , Lagoão, Liberato Salzano, Marques de Souza, Nova Bréscia, Nova Palma, Novo Cabrais, Novo Paraiso, Novo Tiradentes, Palmitinho, Paraíso do Sul, Passa Sete, Passo do Sobrado, Pinhal Grande, Planalto, Pouso Novo, Progresso, Putinga, Turf, Restinga Seca, Rio Pardo, Salto do Jacuí, Santa Clara do Sul, Santa Cruz do Sul, Santa Lúcia, Santa Maria, São José do Herval, São Pedro do Sul, Segredo, Sério, Sinimbu, Sobradinho, Tunas, Tupanciretã, Vale do Sol, Vale Verde, Venâncio Aires, Vera Cruz, Vespasiano Correa and Volta Grande.

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