LiuGong participates in Agrishow and launches sugarcane harvester

The launch marked the company's entry into the agricultural segment with a globally consolidated model

03.05.2024 | 16:11 (UTC -3)
Adriana Roma

The 29th edition of Agrishow was the stage for the launch of LiuGong's S935TA sugarcane harvester. The equipment chosen by the manufacturer is recognized in the Asian and Australian markets for the robustness of its components and operational efficiency.

During the fair, visitors had support from the company's team to learn about the differentiators of the S935TA sugarcane harvester, starting with the powerful 11 HP Cummins QSM375 engine. The launch combines an excellent productivity ratio, low fuel consumption and ease of maintenance.

“We received excellent feedback about our sugarcane harvester, signaling that our strategy of bringing it to Agrishow was correct. We have several plants interested in testing the equipment in different states in Brazil. These opportunities will help us collect data from field operations in different growing conditions”, analyzes the director of strategy and operations, Hebert Francisco.

Opportunities for field demonstrations are also exciting for the 856H-E electrified wheel loader. Recently launched by LiuGong at M&T Expo and Agrishow, the new product is the brand's first electrical equipment in the Latin American market. “Electrical equipment is in growing demand. This launch marks our first step in this segment”, adds Francisco. 

Another launch from LiuGong was the T series of wheel loaders. The new generation represents a significant advance in technology and performance, supplanting the successful H Series. The T series brings equipment with greater operating weight, power and optimized load capacities, with emphasis on the 838T, which replaces the renowned 835H.

Also during Agrishow, the manufacturer announced the new iLink telemetry system. Offered at no cost, the tool is designed to help optimize maintenance and service schedules and maximize equipment uptime potential. With detailed performance reports in the palm of your hand, iLink offers a comprehensive, real-time view of your operation, allowing customers to make decisions and define strategies to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations, based on data.

Yellow line, forklifts and lifting platforms

In addition to the launches, the manufacturer took yellow line equipment to stand H15A, such as wheel loaders, compaction rollers, motor graders, excavator track tractors, as well as lines of lifting platforms and forklifts, which generated sales and new orders.

Among the products in the manufacturer's portfolio, the highlight was the wheel loaders. Starting with the 835H Fertilizer, which has a loading capacity of 3 thousand kilos and an operating weight of 10.800 to 11.600 kg. The equipment was developed by LiuGong for handling fertilizers and can operate with claws for handling wood, forks for bales of cotton and hay, as well as support for lifting big bags and forks for pallets. Thanks to the quick coupler system with hydraulic drive, the equipment gains versatility, without the operator having to leave the cabin.

Another highlight of LiuGong's portfolio was the 818H wheel loader. As it is a compact solution, it offers excellent operating conditions in confined spaces. This model has a capacity of 1800 kilos, an operating weight of 5700 kg and a 1 m³ bucket equipped with quick coupling.

For the next edition of Agrishow, the company already has plans to increase investments, considering the stand's infrastructure. “In 2024, we will participate in the fair for the second time and we are sure that this event has synergy with our work to strengthen the relationship with Latin America”, concluded the director of operations and strategy, Hebert Francisco.

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