Kynetec study will qualify grain machinery market

Research will reveal scenarios of fleets of tractors, sprayers, harvesters and planters, currently mobilized in more than 42 million hectares of grain

28.06.2023 | 15:48 (UTC -3)
Fernanda Campos

Kynetec announces the delivery of its first panel “Panorama of the Grain Machinery Market” for the month of November. The research, states the consultancy, aims to qualify active fleets of tractors, planters, sprayers and harvesters, strategic equipment for production in the more than 42 million hectares cultivated with grains (2022-23 harvest). The survey will also map factors that influence producers in decisions to purchase and exchange machinery.

Kynetec Service Manager, Luciana Neves (right in the photo) adds that the new study will bring to light the motivations of grain producers when selecting and choosing commercial brands of agricultural machinery. “The investigation covers preferences for new and used products, accessories, onboard technology and engine power, for example. Maintenance habits, the producer's level of satisfaction with the property's machines and their intention to make future purchases are also within the scope of the research.”

She adds that the “Panorama of the Grain Machinery Market” will be anchored in 2 face-to-face interviews with producers from 560 states.

“We will have a consolidated diagnosis related to the current and future challenges of the machinery chain facing the producer”, continues Luciana. “One of the central axes of the panel will focus on the image of brands and the reputation of manufacturers, but the research will also contribute relevant information to all links in the chain: precision agriculture companies, resellers and concessionaires, financial institutions and associations in the agriculture sector. machines.”

Second Sarah Vicentini (center in the photo), service coordinator at Kynetec, the study will also provide support to the machinery industry in the face of new market demands that guide the advancement of environmental sustainability in the field. “Other relevant highlights will serve as a basis for the industry to reinforce brand and product positions and accelerate innovation processes.”

According to Sarah, the machinery panel will point out trends for the market for tractors, planters, sprayers and harvesters, from now to the next few years. It will also measure indices of intention to purchase machines according to the demographic profile of producers: by municipality, mesoregion, age, gender, education, time in the activity, cultivated area and number of machines on the property, among other points.

The executive director of Kynetec in Latin America, André Dias (left in the photo), understands that the panel “will result in new business opportunities for all segments that make up the agricultural machinery chain”.

“Data tends to support effective marketing and sales strategies, in a market where competition is strong”, he highlights. “Companies will have reliable information at hand to direct campaigns to the most relevant customer demands, as well as to improve production processes”, concludes Dias.

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