Kuhn has a space dedicated to new technologies at Agrishow 2024

The stand has simulator benches where it is possible to view the performance of machines in the field and details of Kuhn services, such as Telemetry

01.05.2024 | 13:48 (UTC -3)
Cultivar Magazine, based on information from Tatiane Mizetti
Photo: Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Cultivar Magazine

Kuhn do Brasil is participating in another edition of Agrishow, the largest agricultural fair in Latin America, which continues until May 3 in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo (SP), offering an interactive experience to visitors. At the company's stand, the launch of new technologies is the highlight and, through the simulator benches, it is possible to view the performance of the machines in the field and learn a little more about Kuhn's services, such as Telemetry. 

José Carlos Basseti (in the video), Marketing Manager at Kuhn, highlights some technologies presented at the stand, with innovations in spraying, all telemetry, and spray terminal components. The main ones are Air Spray, Multispray, Multispray Duo and Autospray. 

Learn more about the technologies presented at the stand: 

  • Air Spray: nozzle holder with pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valve that applies pesticides using compressed air to spray the product onto plants or soil, working with 17 sections;
  • Multispray: offers automatic control of opening and closing the nozzles when it identifies an area where the pesticide has already been applied;
  • Multispray Duo: provides speed flexibility and increased productivity combined with the nozzle-to-nozzle function;
  • Autospray: precision spray system that allows you to select the droplet size and required dose, working with a wide speed range, easy to operate and with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology.

Kuhn product specialists are on site directly helping to clarify producers' doubts about the technologies used by the company.

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