J. Assy presented the Selenium Neo seed meterer at Agrishow 2024

Advanced conveyor technology for transporting seeds from the planter tank to the ground

06.05.2024 | 11:01 (UTC -3)
José Geraldo Caetano
Photo: Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Cultivar Magazine

J. ASSY presented the Selenium Neo seed doser at Agrishow 2024. It is the only doser on the market with technology of two independent and synchronized motors, enabling ideal adjustment in seed dosing and the planting belt at high or low speed .

While in conventional dosers the seeds travel from the planting disc to the ground by gravity, in Selenium Neo this process is carried out by a seed conveyor belt, moved by a second motor in synchronization with the main motor that rotates the seed disc. seeds. 

This eliminates the dependence on gravity, which acts during the seed deposition stage on the ground, providing perfect regulation of the spacing between seeds in the planting line, even at high operating speed or in adverse conditions, such as more irregular terrain. .

Selenium Neo makes it possible to plant seeds at an operating speed of up to 16 km/h. It is equipped with wireless communication, line-to-line disconnection, variable planting rate, advanced seed transport technology on internal rubber belts and a seed sensor integrated into the seed belt. All of this governed by the Isobus system.

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