Irrigation pole must be installed in Mato Grosso do Sul

Representatives of the State Government and the Ministry of Integration discussed the creation of the hub aimed at supporting and developing agricultural production

02.04.2024 | 16:05 (UTC -3)
Rosana Siqueira

The State Government and the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development (MIDR) discussed today the creation of an irrigation hub in Mato Grosso do Sul. The matter was discussed in a virtual meeting, where participants highlighted that the initiative can support and develop agricultural production in regions where the use of irrigation is highly represented. 

Today there are 12 centers in Brazil supported by the Federal Government, which receive special attention, with actions ranging from the transfer of resources for the development of production to the planning of actions and coordination with other bodies. According to the secretary of Semadesc, Jaime Verruck , irrigation has had strong expansion in Mato Grosso do Sul. 

“We have challenges such as energy supply and logistics. But it is a priority project for Governor Eduardo Riedel”, he highlighted. He also remembers that the FCO (Central-West Constitutional Fund) has specific lines for the sector already prioritized. “Producers can seek resources from the FCO for projects”, he highlighted. This year there were more than R$20 million in irrigation projects approved by the FCO in numerous municipalities in the State such as Dourados, Nova Andradina, Itaporã and Bandeirantes.

State plan

According to the executive secretary for Sustainable Development, Rogério Beretta, Semadesc is already preparing a State Irrigation Plan and the creation of a hub together with the Ministry of Integration and Development (MIDR), will be another step in this direction. 

“We are carrying out a diagnosis to verify the potential of the activity in the State, and which region is most suitable to receive the Irrigation hub with help from the Federal Government. Therefore, at the meeting it was decided that we will carry out a study on the likely locations, and then meet again with the Ministry and move forward with this project”, he concluded.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary of State for Environment, Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Semadesc) Jaime Verruck, the executive secretary for Sustainable Development Rogério Beretta, and representatives of the National Secretariat for Water Security – SNSH; Irrigation Department – ​​DIR, CNA, AIEMS, Apai, Sistema Famasul, Aprosoja, Inovagri, Embrapa and the CEO of Imasul, André Borges.

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