Hortinov Field Day takes place in an unprecedented way between the 18th and 21st of June

This is the first field day focused on presenting solutions in vegetable genetics and biological technologies aimed at horticulture

07.06.2024 | 15:01 (UTC -3)
Isabella Monteiro, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

From June 18th to 21st, rural producers, agronomists, technicians, distributors and other stakeholders in the vegetable production chain will participate in an unprecedented and innovative experience: Hortinov. This is the first field day that will present solutions in vegetable genetics and biological technologies aimed at horticulture. The event is a joint initiative between Sakata, a Japanese seed multinational, and Biotrop, a company that makes biological and natural inputs for agriculture.

The event takes place parallel to the 29th Hortitec, a traditional fair for protected cultivation and intensive crops, held annually in the city of Holambra (SP). Just 15 minutes away from the fair, Hortinov will provide a field visit, so that participants can check out Sakata's latest developments and highlights on the market, as well as biological solutions from Biotrop, for high-quality, safer and more sustainable production. .

According to Paulo Koch, Marketing Director at Sakata, the company is investing heavily in holding and participating in industry events, with the aim of bringing more and more technology to producers across the country. He explains that the strategy aims to take advantage of the showcase that is Hortitec to launch products and consolidate partnerships with customers. 

“In parallel to this, we created Hortinov, an unprecedented initiative, which aims to present vegetables developed and produced under sustainable agricultural practices to the entire production chain, benefiting both the environment and society”, he highlights. 

For Rogério Rangel, Marketing Director at Biotrop, the event is a unique opportunity to demonstrate to farmers how to combine efficiency and profitability by adopting more sustainable management. “With the right technologies, farmers optimize their productivity and maximize their profits while serving the consumer market, which is increasingly looking for healthy, waste-free food,” he adds. 

Launch exhibition 

At the event, visitors will have access to 30 varieties of Sakata vegetables, including launches and the company's already established cultivars such as lettuce, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes and others. 

The highlights are Ivy lettuce (Crespa), which has good resistance to the Mildew breeds that affect lettuce cultivation in Brazil; Peony lettuce (Crespa), which promises planting security due to its high adaptation to tropical growing conditions; Dandara lettuce (American Winter), which has high tolerance to burning caused by calcium deficiency and hollow stem (Boron deficiency); Leblon tomato (Indeterminate Salad), which has a high tolerance to bacterial diseases; and Alanna carrot, a new cultivar adapted for sowing at the end of summer.

Biological Solutions

Biotrop will present a range of innovative solutions aimed at horticulture during the event. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover organic products applied to different varieties of vegetables displayed in the field, as well as see first-hand the company's pre-launches. 

Among the technologies that will be on display are Simetria, a biostimulant, plant growth regulator, patented by Biotrop; Bioasis Power, a biofertilizer composed of microorganisms that withstand adverse conditions, helping to retain water and promote rapid rooting; Biomagno, which has powerful bionematicidal and biofungicide action in a single product; and Biobrev Full, a microbiological insecticide with innovative technology, broad spectrum and high speed of action, efficient in controlling the main species of caterpillars.


Those interested in participating in Hortinov must pre-register on the event website (credenciamento.hortinov.com.br). On the day of the visit, those registered will be able to travel to the field using free vans, available in the Hortitec parking lot, or with their own vehicle. 

A guided tour of the field will be held on site, led by experts from both companies, in order to provide visitors with an excellent opportunity for interaction and exchange of knowledge.

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