Horsch presents a series of innovative solutions at the 29th Agrishow

Other new features include the Leeb VL self-propelled sprayer, innovations in furrow spraying and connectivity, the Minidrill 800 CC and the Cultro TC, now manufactured in Brazil

02.05.2024 | 14:52 (UTC -3)
Elaine Valdez, Cultivar Magazine edition
Photo: Cultivar Magazine
Photo: Cultivar Magazine

Horsch is presenting innovative solutions developed to facilitate farmers' work at all stages of the agricultural process at the 29th edition of Agrishow, which continues until this Friday (⅗), in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo (SP). One of the highlights is the new Maestro CF precision seeder, the most versatile in the Maestro line. The big news is its exclusive system for exchanging bars between summer and winter crops. 

In the spraying area, Horsch presents the Leeb VL self-propelled sprayer, now equipped with a six thousand liter tank. After the success with the five thousand liter tank, surprising customers with its weight distribution, the brand launches a larger tank. Developed to provide maximum efficiency and precision, this equipment meets the demands of farmers looking for a resistant solution for large-scale applications. 

The first launches of 2024 are also available to the public at the brand's almost 4 thousand square meter stand, such as the new Maestro CF planter; Miniflow, innovative furrow spraying system; Horsch Connect introducing proprietary telemetry; Minidrill 800 CC microgranulator with 800 liters; Cultro TC straw processor; and the light kit for the Maestro line of planters.

Maestro CF planter

The great new feature of the Maestro CF precision seeder is its exclusive system for changing the bar between summer and winter crops, that is, by purchasing one seeder you can have two. Using the Horsch interchangeable bar system, it transforms the precision seeder with seed distribution per meter into a seeder with distribution in kg/ha, compatible with the Dakar CF. 

Another new feature is the individual hydraulic pressure system for the cutting discs, an ideal solution for cases of direct planting in denser straw. The Maestro CF is available in models 14, 16 and 18 rows with 45 and 50cm spacing. With a capacity of 7.500 liters, the central input tank is divided into 4.500 liters for fertilizer and 3.000 liters for seeds, providing fewer stops during planting and more efficient refills.

Leeb VL self-propelled sprayer 

In response to producers' requests, the Leeb VL is the ideal choice for farmers who need high spraying capacity. With a six thousand liter tank, the Leeb VL exceeded the expectations of farmers who had already been surprised by the more efficient weight distribution of the previous model, with five thousand liters. Its capacity allows for broader coverage with each refill, reducing refueling time and increasing productivity in the field.

Furthermore, the Leeb VL is designed with advanced technology to ensure precise and uniform application regardless of the type of terrain or crop. Its exceptional robustness and performance make it an indispensable ally for optimizing agricultural operations. 

Innovations in furrow spraying and connectivity

Horsch is also launching the Miniflow furrow spray system at the show, designed to improve inoculation effectiveness and promote healthy crop growth. Combined with HORSCH Connect, an advanced telemetry system, farmers will be able to monitor and manage their operations more intelligently and efficiently than ever before, making the most of every growing cycle. 

Minidrill 800 CC 

Another highlight is the Minidrill 800 CC, a versatile microgranulator equipped with an 800 liter super tank to further increase application efficiency. Ideal for those who need precise application of fertilizers and agricultural pesticides, with a focus on reducing environmental impact, avoiding contamination of soil and water resources due to excess inputs. 

TC Cult

Another new feature is the Cultro TC, which is now produced in Brazil. The Cultro TC is the fastest straw processor on the market, providing minimum effort for maximum operational efficiency, low soil compaction and can be used in various crops. Its use has low consumption and little demand on the tractor’s power. 

The knives allow intensive cutting, providing exceptional results in corn stover and cover crops. Furthermore, during field work, the total weight of the structure is supported by the rollers, generating advantages in terms of cutting quality of organic matter.

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