Green productivity will be highlighted at Agritechnica 2023

Fair held in the city of Hanover is a traditional event to present new developments in the agricultural sector

30.06.2023 | 14:33 (UTC -3)

The Agritechnica fair will have its 2023 edition held from November 12th to 18th, in Hanover (Germany). Traditionally, it is the venue for the presentation of various innovations in the agricultural machinery sector. This year, the theme of the event will be "green productivity". To clarify the issue and perspectives of the sector, Timo Zipf, Agritechnica project manager, answered the following questions...

The theme of AgriTechnica 2023 is “green productivity”. Could you explain what this means and how it will be reflected in this year's fair?

This edition of Agritechnica follows the guiding theme "green productivity", which is timely for farmers as it denotes how new concepts and pioneering innovations in agricultural machinery can guarantee agricultural productivity and protect nature and the environment. The topic was identified by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) which is an organizing society of Agritechnica.

The theme will permeate the fair and underpin Agritechnica's technical program, which offers live events, demonstration shows and a new series of "expert internships", exploring topics such as smart spraying, remote and smart sensing, connectivity, autonomous agricultural equipment and alternative powertrain systems as well as achieving greater efficiency and saving resources in the field through tires, ballasts and assistance systems. There are many hundreds of expert presentations, discussions that provide food for thought and inspiration.

Could you talk a little about Agritechnica’s relationship with Brazilian farmers? What's in store for them at the fair?

The relationship between Agritechnica and Brazil goes back a long way. Agritechnica, along with its sister exhibitions, has regularly been featured as a preview event at Brazilian agricultural fairs over the past 15 years, including Expodireto. Today, farmers from Brazil visit Agritechnica every two years to find solutions and identify technical trends.

Brazilian farmers are incredibly popular among Agritechnica exhibitors, with their large-scale farming approach and decisive investment mentality. The exhibition presents all the equipment in one place, which allows the farmer to compare solutions, so it is easy to see how large farmers in Brazil consider this an advantage.

At the same time, Brazilian companies benefit from Agritechnica's international market reach, Brazilian professional visitors appreciate the Agritechnica site for its complete range of agricultural equipment, solutions and innovations, not found in this breadth anywhere else in the world. All the main agricultural equipment companies will be present among the 2,6 exhibitors expected, distributed in 24 pavilions. The organizer DLG (German Agricultural Society) expects 400 thousand visitors from all over the world. With more than 2 thousand South American visitors in the last edition, the event based in Hanover is an important location for Brazilian agribusiness professionals. In previous editions, large Brazilian farmers with farms of one hundred hectares were at Agritechnica.

How is AgriTechnica 2023 working to support new agricultural startups?

To see upcoming trends, concepts and inventions, there is a startup area at Agritechnica, which DLG launched especially for the latest edition. These small businesses will present their innovations and ideas to a large agricultural audience. This is a busy place. You can literally 'hear' the creative ideas being generated as you walk through that room full of inventions being launched. Things like robot solutions, autonomous tasks, and AI-based solutions are typical innovations that farmers may encounter.

More information about Agritechnica can be obtained here.

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